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Everything you need to know about the Toyota HiLux

Fri 22 Sep

The Toyota HiLux just topped the new car sales charts for the sixth month in a row and looks set to be named Australia’s top selling car for the second year in a row. But with Mercedes planning to introduce its X-Class Ute to the Australian market next year, perhaps you’re still on the fence about taking the leap and investing in a good old HiLux. Well, if that’s the case, here’s everything you need to know about Australia’s most popular car.


Utes are the big sellers in August

Thu 14 Sep

We Australians have always had a thing for utes, but not even the most diehard fan of this icon of Australian motoring could have predicted just how popular they’ve become in recent years. In fact, they’re now so popular that new car buyers bought more utes last month than small cars.


Why putting the car loan on the mortgage is a BAD idea

Thu 24 Aug

Recently we had a few customers ask us about the merits of using a home equity loan to finance their next car purchase, and so we felt the need to explain a little further why connecting your car financing to your mortgage in any way is a terrible idea.