Customer Testimonials for 2016

Added 29/12/2016

Jade B

Daniel [Saleh] provided first class customer service! He was very understanding and responded faster then the speed of light to my emails! I have recommended... Read on

Added 29/12/2016

Brendan R

Sam [McWilliams] was extremely helpful and pleasant in his helping hand with me. I would definitely recommend Sam and the team at stratton to any of my... Read on

Added 29/12/2016

Clinton S

Andrew [Greer] is so good at what he does. This why I do business with stratton. He's a car guy and he loves to have a laugh which is fantastic.... Read on

Added 29/12/2016

Bettina B

We were very happy with the efficient, fast and uncomplicated service regarding our car finance. Steven [Emms] has been great to deal with, he always answered emails... Read on

Added 23/12/2016

Chris R

I would like to let you know how professional Scott Knight has been, this is the second time I have come to stratton and dealt with Scott and again he has... Read on

Added 23/12/2016

Scott G

I would just like to say that I was very happy with everything and especially dealing with Julien [Zaragoza]. He was very friendly and made sure he got me the best deal... Read on

Added 22/12/2016

Steve H

stratton was quick, easy and my consultant Edward [Clark] was awesome. Recommend them anytime!!!... Read on

Added 22/12/2016

Ken M

Firstly I would like to take the opportunity to say how pleased I am in dealing with your company, the professionalism shown by all stratton contacts has... Read on

Added 22/12/2016

Max A

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and all your staff a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the new year. I would also like to say thank you for the... Read on

Added 21/12/2016

Greg O

Thank you very much for organising the finance for our Cherry Picker/Trailer Lift, Tiahn [Levinge] was fantastic, looked after everything with no problems.... Read on

Added 21/12/2016

Ian B

I was very impressed with the service and Emmanuel [Giannopoulos] and every other team member I dealt with were incredibly responsive and helpful.... Read on

Added 21/12/2016

Brad H

To be honest Victoria’s [Jarjoura] service was the reason why I continued and went with stratton. I had been passed on the details by a close work college... Read on

Added 20/12/2016

Brock P

Thanks for the email, Brendan [Pearce] and your entire stratton team have been nothing but helpful,, we have done around 10 deals with Brendan and highly... Read on

Added 20/12/2016

Bradley F

The team was great. Adam [Bosward] was straight forward, quick to respond and got the job done like a pro. After having another BMW finance rep faff for three weeks... Read on

Added 20/12/2016

Dan K

I wouldn't usually send through feedback directly, but I wanted to provide you with some very positive feedback about my experience, in particular, the impressive level of... Read on

Added 20/12/2016

Jonathan K

I was very happy with the service from David [Spriggs] as always, I refer all my motor vehicle finance clients to him because he is always excellent to deal with. The... Read on

Added 19/12/2016

Paul M

Arrel [Aussieker] and Nikita [Liu] were extremely helpful with the whole process, this was my first Novated Lease and Arrel made it simple to understand and very stress... Read on

Added 19/12/2016

Shaun P

I’ve been dealing with James De Ruiter for the last 5 years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. My family and friends now deal with James also and they too are of the same... Read on

Added 19/12/2016

Christopher B

Victoria Jarjoura was an absolute HERO! She helped my family and I work through every aspect and is an extremely talented person. I would personally recommend her to... Read on

Added 19/12/2016

Scott S

It always a pleasure doing business with James [De Ruiter] and the team, this is our second loan with stratton. James makes it so easy to get through all... Read on

Added 19/12/2016

Han S K

I'd just like to say the service and professionalism from Nick Martinez have been top notch throughout the credit approval process. I consider myself as a pretty impatient... Read on

Added 19/12/2016

Peter G

I appreciate the efforts of your team, in particular those of Ian Bennett. His commitment to secure the deals done is why we chose stratton.... Read on

Added 19/12/2016

Sue M

I was disappointed with the amount of time it took to be finalised, as I was told that I had approval a week before it was finally settled. Two weeks in all. I have got... Read on

Added 17/12/2016

Rohan I

I wish to thank stratton for providing me with high class service right from the start. Tiahn [Levinge] did a very good job of upselling the finance... Read on

Added 16/12/2016

Tanja B

Tiahn Levinge was absolutely FANTASTIC! Pleasure to work with.... Read on

Added 15/12/2016

Keith A

Have picked up the car and have a very happy wife with wheels. Thanks once again for the exemplary service and follow up. My experience with you [Tony Gentle] and... Read on

Added 13/12/2016

Glenn W

Arthur [Kalinchev] was really good to work with and extremely helpful, thanks again for your team's support and effort on helping me achieve a business goal that I am sure... Read on

Added 13/12/2016

Greg M

This is the second time I have got Steve [Kerr] to organise my finance for me and he just makes everything so easy, I would have no problems recommending him to any family... Read on

Added 13/12/2016

Nick P

Service that Beau [Johnson] provided was fantastic – quick and easy to deal with! Big wraps for him as he had the finance through within 24 hours!... Read on

Added 13/12/2016

Jason D

I want to just let you know that Chris [Ball] has been brilliant looking after my financing needs - and considering after my initial experience with the local... Read on

Added 13/12/2016

David K

All I can say is I'm really happy with the service and Barry [Muaror] as been more than helpful with my silly question. I will definitely recommend stratton... Read on

Added 13/12/2016

Noel I

I've used stratton twice, both times with Kirsten [Waldon]. Kirsten is the most professional yet friendly person. Her knowledge is outstanding and nothing... Read on

Added 9/12/2016

Sue M

My experience with your company and Lee [Boutiche] the consultant was exceptional. The service was quick, faultless and friendly, you respected that I was working at times... Read on

Added 9/12/2016

Steven B

The service we received from Josh [Seneviratne] was outstanding and he went well beyond what we expected. Our loan wasn’t the easiest application and we had a few hurdles... Read on

Added 8/12/2016

Sue B

Thank you, was very happy with the service you all you gave, thank you.... Read on

Added 8/12/2016

Benjamin A

I am very happy with the loan and especially happy with the personalised service provided by Moke [Jacobs]. I will definitely be contacting him again when I need other... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Andrew B

Thank you, service was great, hope to do more business in future.... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Tony A

Thanks for a great job done with no headaches, great experience.... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

David P

James [De Ruiter] is the ultimate professional. Nothing was too much trouble and he arranged my finance quickly, efficiently and offered a variety of options to suit my... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Susie O

I can honestly say that I would happily recommend stratton especially Mina [Boag]. She has made the loan process so easy, she knows her stuff and it was... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Andrew B

I would like to compliment you with one of your employees, Andrew Hart, for the excellent service he provided me throughout the process of both lease agreements. Andrew’s... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Kyle B

I've used stratton for nearly 2 years now (3 cars) - I've come to trust Jack [Blackler]'s abilities and advice. He gets me the right finance,... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Jonathan I

You guys are legends hey! Never was finance so easy, didn't have to jump thru too many hoops, it was great! When I pay my car off in a year and a half from now I'd love to... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Miranda T

I was very happy to do business with you guys Daniel [Saleh] was great, went above and beyond to help me with my finance.... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Neil A

I've purchased several vehicles in the past through various brokers/finance companies. None of those purchases have been as painless as the one organised by Mark [Purves].... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Angeline D

Carole [Leedham] was amazing. I had been having a lot of setbacks with the company I was using and Carole was professional, friendly and prompt with all of my interactions... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Ben C

Thank you guys, Trevor [Wright] is all quality. Super easy and super helpful with everything.... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Pam M

It was an absolute pleasure to deal with your company and in particular David Spriggs. Everything was handled in a very efficient and professional manner, as always.... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Anthony F

I would like to say that the experience was very good. Easy, no hassles and David [Long] was fantastic. I highly recommend and will be using you again.... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Elias E H

Andrew [Greer] did a great job. Simple and quick! I will use stratton again and recommend to others. I suspect even the dealer may send business your way.... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Sharna S

Nuccio [Amoddio] was absolutely fantastic, I've never had finance before, and having Nuccio there to ask questions and teach me how things are done so I understand completely... Read on

Added 7/12/2016

Draza S

I can't thank Carole Leedham enough for everything she's done. Carole is the one that has made all this possible, she kept in touch with me constantly following up on the... Read on

Added 6/12/2016

Hamish R

He [Emmanuel Giannopoulos] was a pleasure to deal with and made the process simple and nothing was a problem, I will definitely be talking to him again plus I will... Read on

Added 5/12/2016

Cameron M

Tim [Pat] did a great job, very responsive and satisfied my needs very well.... Read on

Added 5/12/2016

Sandy P

I would like to thank Ben [Baissari] in particularly and stratton. He was so professional and efficient in making my loan and insurance all happen quickly. I... Read on

Added 5/12/2016

Ian C

I've obtained finance through Andrew [Williams] before and will continue to do so in the future. He's very professional and easy to deal with. Thanks again!... Read on

Added 5/12/2016

Steve S

I couldn't have asked for a better person to have helped me. To Brendan [Zadravec] and everyone who works at stratton thanks heaps and merry Xmas.... Read on

Added 5/12/2016

Penny P

Anthony [Mansour] was wonderful and I believe a great asset for stratton. Thank you again for the wonderful service.... Read on

Added 5/12/2016

Allan M

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU guys for the wonderful Ford Ranger I took ownership of this Wednesday, drives well and I like it. stratton team – big... Read on

Added 5/12/2016

Charlie M

I was very happy to deal with Kristy [Kube] to get the finance we needed. She went to a lot of effort and many phone calls to bring it all together. I’m very satisfied... Read on

Added 1/12/2016

Blake D

Jonathan [Khalil] was amazing, I had no real idea what I really wanted but Jonathan really helped me find the perfect deal! Couldn't thank him enough! Definitely owe him a... Read on

Added 1/12/2016

Tanya H

It was definitely a pleasure dealing with Fahad [Mohammad], he was extremely efficient and very friendly to deal with. I will definitely look at using Fahad in the future and... Read on

Added 30/11/2016

Catherine J

To advise Victoria [Jarjoura] has been excellent help from the start, obtaining a quote through to delivery of the car and afterwards as well. She always kept me informed... Read on

Added 29/11/2016

Rob Y

Narelle was helpful, professional and prompt - a pleasure to deal with.... Read on

Added 29/11/2016

Leigh E

I found David [Humble] very easy to work with and he understands that the process [can] take a bit long when you live out on a cattle station, very happy with the business... Read on

Added 25/11/2016

Greg D

John [Welch] has been fantastic in his support through the 2 finance arrangements I have made through stratton. A very pleasant man who can't do enough... Read on

Added 24/11/2016

David W

Thanks for all your assistance it’s been great, made the whole process much easier.... Read on

Added 24/11/2016

Tristram M

This is the 2nd Truck purchase through stratton in the last 4 months for my company and I only have praise for Steven [Shirley] and his... Read on

Added 24/11/2016

Drew H

Chris [Archer] was nothing short of a [...] centurion - he was amazing.... Read on

Added 24/11/2016

Ngaio R

I was very happy with the service provided by Alex Gould and the rest of the stratton team.... Read on

Added 24/11/2016

Steph B

I was completely happy with my dealings with Andrew [Hart]. He was very quick to resolve my application and gave me all the relevant information to help me make my... Read on

Added 24/11/2016

Steven M

Shelly Lupton is an awsome person and I hope the rest of your employees are at the same level.... Read on

Added 23/11/2016

Julie L F

This is the third time we have used David (Spriggs) for finances. He is nothing but a pleasure to deal with, he is fast, efficient and very easy to get along with. I have... Read on

Added 23/11/2016

Natalie U

I wanted to let you know that Daniel [Saleh] was FANTASTIC! He was so helpful, honest, worked with me to understand the complexities of the finance package, was on the... Read on

Added 23/11/2016

Tony B

Our experience with Liam [Nunn] was once again outstanding! He is helpful and willing to listen to our requirements and meet them. This is the 3rd time we have... Read on

Added 22/11/2016

Robert G

Sara [Low] was fantastic - she did a great job and turned the deal around very quickly. I would be happy to use her again and refer people to her.... Read on

Added 21/11/2016

David P

I would just like to say that the service we received from the stratton team was exceptional! There was regular contact and follow-up and we always knew... Read on

Added 21/11/2016

Ben D

I am writing to you as I feel the need to express my veneration for the professionalism and dedication demonstrated by one of your finance consultants, Bec Cimen. Bec... Read on

Added 21/11/2016

Catherine R

We were very happy with Leisa [McCade] and her service. The only issue is that she advised that she had sent the paperwork to settlements. When I replied with do I just... Read on

Added 19/11/2016

Robert D R

I did find the experience excellent, James [De Ruiter] is a fantastic operator and made the process quick, easy and provided great contact throughout, he came highly referred... Read on

Added 17/11/2016

Amy B

I have been meaning to contact you to give my feedback as the experience with your company, Karan [Kukreja] mainly, was amazing. We had a few bumps along the way with the... Read on

Added 17/11/2016

Oscar B

The service I received from Laurence [Cameron] was excellent and he is a credit to your sales team.... Read on

Added 17/11/2016

Alan C

I nothing but praise for Jess [Desmond] and her team, it is the second time I have dealt with Jess and she and Sarah [Lynch] are delightful to talk to, the car dealer was... Read on

Added 17/11/2016

Paul A

Thank you for the great experience for the 2nd time and I will be back next time, it 's an absolute pleasure to deal with Carole [Leedham].... Read on

Added 16/11/2016

Robert G

I have to say David [Humble] worked extremely hard to get my loan sorted and followed through right up to the minute to insure funds were transferred to the dealer and he was... Read on

Added 16/11/2016

Darrelle N

I thought Matthew Nicol was extremely helpful, very prompt in getting back to me and arranging finance, fuss free and professional! Highly recommend!... Read on

Added 15/11/2016

Jamie T

I would like to thank your team for the great service. [I] would like to take this opportunity to thank Josh [Seneviratne] his hard work  [and] customer service is what... Read on

Added 14/11/2016

Edmond C

I just had another perfect and quick service from Matt [Seale] last week, as usual, 100% satisfied with his service and response rate. By any chance, I will refer him to any... Read on

Added 10/11/2016

Paul T

Was very happy dealing with Justin [Geaney]. Spelled out all the details for me, provided prompt email replies and didn't nag me every 3 hours like other companies.... Read on

Added 9/11/2016

Chathura D

It's been my pleasure to do business with your company. David Spriggs was very helpful.... Read on

Added 9/11/2016

Sherri O

My experience with stratton was excellent, and Shelly Lupton was amazing. She took care of every aspect of the loan, and insurance, and I was very grateful... Read on

Added 9/11/2016

John S

I would firstly like to say Josh [Seneviratne] was excellent all round. Found and pushed for the best deal for me. He was courteous efficient and quick. He is a very good... Read on

Added 9/11/2016

John H

Trevor [Wright] was very helpful throughout the new leasing period and in fact has been servicing my business for a while very well.... Read on

Added 9/11/2016

Terry M

Matthew Sleigh has been a fantastic representative for your company. We have dealt with him on all 3 previous occasions and will do so in the future as a growing business.... Read on

Added 9/11/2016

Rick T

Can you let Arthur [Kalinchev] know that I greatly appreciated his timely help with my finance for my new vehicle. I would have no hesitation in recommending him and... Read on

Added 9/11/2016

Theresa W

All was perfect from the stratton team.... Read on

Added 7/11/2016

Tim C

I recently purchased a vehicle through stratton, my finance consultant was Matthew Fry, I wish to advise that I have never dealt with a more professional... Read on

Added 7/11/2016

Sergio T

It was a great experience and extremely happy with Eric [Burnett]'s service, this is probably the 6th or 7th vehicle that he has done for me and trust... Read on

Added 7/11/2016

Jade B

I just wanted to say Andrew Williams was fantastic and so lovely to deal with. I have dealt with him in the past for my previous finance for my car as well and he is... Read on

Added 4/11/2016

Kerry L

I am extremely happy and impressed with the service from Ben [Alford]. I wish all of my business associations were the same.... Read on

Added 4/11/2016

Keith C

Leisa [McCade] was always helpful and polite... Read on

Added 3/11/2016

Nassar D

To summarize my feedback in two words, “Outstanding Service”! Many thanks to Benjamin [Baissari] and the team.... Read on

Added 3/11/2016

Jack M

Very happy to have worked with you guys and with Daniel [Saleh] - will definitely recommend to friends because it will make me look good if they receive the same level of... Read on

Added 3/11/2016

Timothy B

I was very pleased with service and the speed at which the process took.... Read on

Added 3/11/2016

Shane B

I'd like to say a very big thank you to the whole stratton team. From the beginning of my initial contact in which I was referred to Jason Donney everything... Read on

Added 1/11/2016

Brendan M

Thank you for a very efficient transaction provided by Andrew [Greer].... Read on

Added 1/11/2016

Ivan B

Matt [Seale] has been a trusted broker to me for the last few years. His prompt and professional help have always provided timely and accurate information and assistance... Read on

Added 31/10/2016

Bridget S

I just wanted to let you know how good Michael [Scorey] was with me. I was so impressed with how quick and patient he was with me. His service was greatly appreciated and... Read on

Added 30/10/2016

Drew H

My experience with stratton was (again) exceptional. Sean [Waeny] is very professional in his approach to getting his clients what they need and was happy... Read on

Added 28/10/2016

Angeline H

Great service provided by Clint [Coppola]. Fast and efficient.... Read on

Added 28/10/2016

Scott W

Couldn’t be more happier with the work that Clint [Coppola] and Trish [Damba] did. What was going to take my bank of 25 years two weeks to do, Clint and Trish finished and... Read on

Added 27/10/2016

Alan F

Top service from stratton. Liam [Nunn] was extremely helpful and patient with me in regards to computers but we got there in the end, thanks Liam you're a... Read on

Added 25/10/2016

Matt A

I had a very positive experience with my consultant [Carole Leedham]. She was very prompt to respond and patient to answer my many queries, will recommend and use your... Read on

Added 24/10/2016

Tony C

We wish to thank your team as it was a great experience and we shall recommend your services.... Read on

Added 24/10/2016

Jonathan D

Melissa [Serratore] was great to work with, nothing was to hard and it was a pleasure dealing with her, particularly as we started the process on the weekend. Melissa was... Read on

Added 24/10/2016

John H

It was a pleasure to work with stratton on the purchase of my used vehicle. Scott Knight as my personal finance consultant was also a pleasure to work... Read on

Added 24/10/2016

Tony S

Scott [Knight] was great to deal with. He made the process very easy from start to finish. 10 out of 10. I would highly recommend Scott and stratton.... Read on

Added 24/10/2016

Trent S

Michael [Papageorgiou] is incredible and I wouldn't take my finances anywhere else before consulting with him. I even managed to send him three leads which he converted on... Read on

Added 21/10/2016

Julie H

The service has always been great.... Read on

Added 21/10/2016

Russell D

Thank you for your great service. Dane [Silk] and the team at stratton deliver the highest quality of customer service and are very prompt.... Read on

Added 21/10/2016

Mannar V

Tiahn [Levinge] was great and was very helpful. The transaction wouldn't have happened without her.... Read on

Added 21/10/2016

Neil H

I was very happy with the service and deals that Adam [Bosward] organised for me. Easy to deal with,and made the whole experience painless. Would be happy to recommend... Read on

Added 21/10/2016

Joey D

David [Crook] was more than helpful from start to finish with any inquiry or information I needed. His response rate was top notch also.... Read on

Added 21/10/2016

Mesut G

It has been good dealing with Tim [Wilson]. But after the back & forwards of the paperwork that I had to provide, was a lot of documentation that I didn't expect. I'm... Read on

Added 17/10/2016

Janet M

Highly Recommend James [Atkinson] and will look to use him for future personal and Business transactions. Nothing was a drama and follow [up] was excellent.... Read on

Added 11/10/2016

Michelle T

I would like to say a massive thank you to Carole Leedham. From my first enquiry Carole went above and beyond to make sure I was looked after through the whole process.... Read on

Added 10/10/2016

Janene R

This has been the second time I have dealt with Matt Seale and I always find Matt to be extremely professional and very knowledgeable in these matters. Matt always keeps the... Read on

Added 10/10/2016

Dee S

Feedback on Lee Davis is all positive. He explained products in detail, found the best one for the circumstances involved, and walked me through the process step by step.... Read on

Added 10/10/2016

Peter T

Daniel McGuinness and the finance team there at stratton were very helpful. I was happy with the rate he was able to secure me.... Read on

Added 7/10/2016

Jamie H

As an old bloke I am not a facebook user, too much to do with my life and not enough time to spend on facebook. I am however more than happy to praise Tiahn [Levinge] who I... Read on

Added 7/10/2016

Dorothy M

More than happy with the service we get from Trevor [Wright] as always he is very approachable and efficient.... Read on

Added 7/10/2016

Xavier R

Andrew’s [Hart] assistance throughout the whole process was fantastic. He was always available to answer the many questions I had, took an honest approach in all our dealings... Read on

Added 7/10/2016

Mark J

It is not everyday that you go through a process like this having peace of mind and content that everything went according to plan. Well in this case it did. What a pleasure... Read on

Added 7/10/2016

Paige G

Beau [Johnson] was efficient, informative and very professional. Thank you for getting finance approved so quickly.... Read on

Added 7/10/2016

James T

Tim [Wilson] has always provided a great service and we have been extremely happy with him.... Read on

Added 7/10/2016

Andrew M

Trevor [Wright] was excellent in everything he did and he was a pleasure to deal with. I shall be contacting Trevor next time I require finance and I will definitely be... Read on

Added 7/10/2016

Nathan M

My finance experience with Sean [Waeny] was terrific. It was my first time going through this process and he was very patient, professional and gave me a lot of support.... Read on

Added 7/10/2016

Rafi K

It's an absolute pleasure to send you my feedback as I'm very happy with Ben [Houghton] and your whole team. I was dealing with Ben for financing another vehicle last year... Read on

Added 6/10/2016

Natasha S

The service was lovely. There was a lot of information to fill out which was hard to get on such short notice but the patience and understanding of the team was fantastic. So... Read on

Added 3/10/2016

James A

Michael [Papageorgiou] made this process a simple a stress free experience. Extremely happy with the service and professionalism from start to finish. I will definitely be... Read on

Added 29/9/2016

George K

Extremely happy with Trevor [Wright] and his help with our finance, he is very professional, extremely efficient and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again.... Read on

Added 28/9/2016

Justin S

Just a quick reply to let you know the service offered by Narelle [Duzevich-Tripp] was second to none! I took a long time(nearly a year) to find the right car and bothered... Read on

Added 27/9/2016

Peter N

Thank you so much for your help. Yourself [Michael Papageorgiou], Allan and Anita [Loganathan] are a credit to the finance industry. I look forward to the new car and many... Read on

Added 22/9/2016

Andrew G

This is the second time that I have purchased a vehicle through stratton. Once again I was simply overwhelmed with the exceptional service provided by... Read on

Added 21/9/2016

Farhan H

The service I received from you guys has been perfect. The process in getting everything done once a car was selected was simple and easy. What I am more happy about is David... Read on

Added 18/9/2016

Noel M

The service provided was exceptional right from Joanne [Attard] with the first contact to both Leisa [McCade] and Trish [Damba]at the end. No complaints.... Read on

Added 16/9/2016

Dirk K

I was very satisfied with all the help and guidance i got from James [De Ruiter] - he was easy to deal with and very accommodating.... Read on

Added 16/9/2016

Kathy M

Just wanted to thank Tiahn [Levinge] for her assistance with my finance, her professionalism was second to none and nothing was a problem for her, even to the point of... Read on

Added 13/9/2016

Sam J

I was extremely happy with the service provided. Mark [Purves] was personable, friendly and professional. His attention to detail was second to none and he really seemed to... Read on

Added 13/9/2016

Rod M

Mark [Purves], as usual you were extremely efficient and all went very well I was shocked how fast everything happened. I can not thank you enough.... Read on

Added 13/9/2016

Troy W

As always with stratton, no issues.... Read on

Added 10/9/2016

Daniel B

Rob Bell was extremely professional throughout my experience with stratton. Rob made constant contact with me, he answered all of my questions, was patient... Read on

Added 8/9/2016

Omid Z

Luke Saleh is a great man I am glad that he was in charge of my finance. Everything was smooth, fast and went as I was told or expected.... Read on

Added 7/9/2016

Brad P

In short, Luke [Saleh] was great. He took the time to explain everything to me, was proactive in his approach and importantly from my perspective I was happy with the offer... Read on

Added 7/9/2016

Danny B

Alex [Gould] was superb. Great service always keep me up to date. Can't thank her enough.... Read on

Added 7/9/2016

Jye S

Thank you, highly recommend David [Crook] very professional and helpful. It was a smooth and fast deal.... Read on

Added 2/9/2016

Craig H

Victoria [Jarjoura] was outstanding we basically did the whole lot over email and a few Skype calls whilst I was overseas. The turnaround on queries (and I had lots) was... Read on

Added 1/9/2016

Brock P

Brendan [Pearce] has been exceptional, answering all of my crazy calls and emails, he has created a great relationship and stratton is my go to broker.... Read on

Added 1/9/2016

Jye S

Jess [Desmond] was awesome at getting my finance sorted and getting an answer back to me in a very quick time. She was easy to talk to and answered all of my questions and... Read on

Added 1/9/2016

Joel W

Anthony [Nocon] was a great help and I would recommend him to others.... Read on

Added 1/9/2016

Damir H

stratton has recently helped me with the purchase of two vehicles. Turn around time was very good (same day) and interest rate on brand new car was... Read on

Added 1/9/2016

David H

I would like to thank Luke [Saleh], Anthony [Miriyan] and the stratton team for all they have done for me. I was very happy with the whole experience. The... Read on

Added 1/9/2016

Johan N

Very professional and Alex [Gould] was absolutely great.... Read on

Added 1/9/2016

Warren L

Very impressed with the service and quick response to my questions and application. Gave constructive advice which ultimately led to a very attractive deal which saved me... Read on

Added 1/9/2016

Salman H

Follow-Up and Ownership coupled with customer service extended by Steven Emms was great. I have not experienced this type of approach many times and was exceptional.... Read on

Added 1/9/2016

Tristram M

Firstly I would like to say that Steven Shirley exceeded my expectations and provided exceptional service from my initial phone call through to settlement. I had previously... Read on

Added 23/8/2016

Greg S

I'm totally happy with his [Trevor Wright] service, he went out of his way to help my finance run very smoothly and I would gladly use Trevor again.... Read on

Added 10/8/2016

Riyaz L

Just wanted to say thank you very much for all the time and effort in setting up my account and getting me back on the road. Peter [Best] was exceptionally professional in... Read on

Added 5/8/2016

Kristy B

Thank you so much for everything you have assisted me with. Your [Michael Papageorgiou] patience and communication have been exceptional. Will definitely be referring your... Read on

Added 3/8/2016

Michael D

Introduced by a work colleague to Matt Seale to help us with financing a vehicle, I am absolutely over the moon with his competitive rate and service. I can't believe how... Read on

Added 1/8/2016

Theo V

Have used stratton twice now and have dealt with Chris Ball on both occasions and even though I have never met the guy face to face. He treated me like we... Read on

Added 1/8/2016

Shannee W

Excellent service provided by my finance consultant Tianh Levinge. The whole process was a breeze and stratton managed the entire journey from start to... Read on

Added 1/8/2016

Stephanie P

Financing vehicles and equipment is easy with stratton, great staff, friendly and professional service. Thank you for making financing a breeze, it hasn't... Read on

Added 29/7/2016

Karl H

Jess [Desmond] is a godsend, great service, very helpful. I recommend stratton to all of my friends and have used them [for] my last 2 cars, and will... Read on

Added 27/7/2016

Rob D

I was really happy with the service Dane [Silk] provided, he was really swift, communicative and got the outcome I wanted with no fuss. I was using another novated leasing... Read on

Added 25/7/2016

Andre M

James [De Ruiter] was fast, efficient and his usual professional self. Which is why I keep coming back to him.... Read on

Added 22/7/2016

Swraj J

The whole journey was just as easy as it can get. I am new to Australia so haven't figured out few things but James De Ruiter at stratton helped me all the... Read on

Added 20/7/2016

Len S

This is the second new vehicle that I have had Matt [Seale] assist me with finance for. In both instances I have found Matt to be knowledgeable, helpful, thorough and willing... Read on

Added 19/7/2016

Dileep S

It been wonderful working with you [Michael Papageorgiou] through this entire process and you've made it all a breeze. Thank you for all your diligence in assisting me and... Read on

Added 14/7/2016

Dean H

I just want to say from the moment I spoke with Sam [McWilliams] during my enquiry I was 100% satisfied with his commitment to my finance. Sam was a great communicator during... Read on

Added 13/7/2016

Matt W

I was assisted by your consultant Paul Torony. I was blown away by his friendly and professional service. Nothing was a hassle for him and I feel he went above and beyond to... Read on

Added 11/7/2016

Maxine W

I just wanted to thank you so much for your professional, fast, effective work for us. You [Michael Papageorgiou] were wonderful. We will definitely recommend you to other... Read on

Added 7/7/2016

Edwin L

Definitely recommend stratton. I was very very happy with Daniel Saleh's customer service. Very patient and helpful with all my questions.... Read on

Added 7/7/2016

Mark S

Just a short note to say thank you for assisting with the purchase and finance for my wife's new car. Needless to say she is very happy! The whole process was seamless from... Read on

Added 7/7/2016


I have just refinanced my car with stratton. Tiahn [Levinge] was so helpful, and made the process very easy. Everything was done by email and over the phone... Read on

Added 5/7/2016

Serena F

I was extremely happy with the service provided by Peter Best. His dedication and commitment to getting me the best deal possible was an effort above and beyond my... Read on

Added 4/7/2016

Perry W

I must say that I was extremely satisfied with not only Daniel [McGuinness] professional service, but the entire stratton team for their professionalism... Read on

Added 4/7/2016

Raymond L

Matt Seale makes the process easy for me, I will be back next year. I am happy to recommend stratton.... Read on

Added 4/7/2016

Jim W

Please note my high regard and recommendation for your colleague Brendan Pearce. I have had several excellent and faultless dealings with him so far.... Read on

Added 2/7/2016

Melanie M

I highly recommend Tony [Gentle] as a broker. This was the second time I went through Tony for car finance and it was an easy process and stressless process. Will be using... Read on

Added 1/7/2016

Gail O

It was a pleasure to work with Ben [Baissari] and he made everything so easy for me, he was great and professional in all our communications. I will definitely be... Read on

Added 30/6/2016

Gary P

Very quick to respond to any query, very efficient, excellent service, pricing is very competitive without any loss of quality top class all the way.... Read on

Added 30/6/2016

Darren F

Matt Seale continues to prove his merits with a solid comprehension of the entire transaction, and fast turnaround time. I will continue to utilise his professional services... Read on

Added 20/6/2016

Greg K

James at stratton has helped me previously with finance for a car. When I called him this time he not only assisted in the finance he gave very good advice... Read on

Added 9/6/2016

Dubravko M

Big thumb up for Glenn [Street], great customer service.... Read on

Added 7/6/2016

Benjamin G

Liam [Nunn] was fantastic the whole way through the finance process. He was very quick to return calls and very efficient at getting documentation through as it was required.... Read on

Added 7/6/2016

Chris E

I have dealt with a lot of finance companies in my time. Matt [Seale] was by far the easiest to deal with, very helpful, and knew his stuff. He kept me informed throughout... Read on

Added 2/6/2016

Len B

I would like to say that Ben [Alford] made it a pleasure dealing with stratton. I didn't really want to go through a broker but having done it now, [it] was... Read on

Added 1/6/2016

Joshua B

As usual, Matt [Fry] was fantastic to deal with. He makes the process simple and hassle free. He is a real professional.... Read on

Added 1/6/2016

Josh G

I was very pleased with your service. Tiahn [Levinge] was great and I'll definitely be using you guys in the future.... Read on

Added 31/5/2016

Mary R

Joe and I were very happy with your service, and Tiahn [Levinge] was absolutely fabulous thank you very much.... Read on

Added 31/5/2016

Paul S

Tiahn [Levinge] was fantastic to liaise with. She was very detailed and prompt on all correspondence. I've now picked up my car and look forward to driving it!... Read on

Added 27/5/2016

George A N

I would like to comment on the excellent service Don [Mccorquodale] has given me. He has always gone above and beyond expectations. I will refer anyone I know that is looking... Read on

Added 27/5/2016

Jason H

I have worked with Tim [Wilson] off an on for the last 3 years and like to deal with him. You have of late made some changes to the way you do things at... Read on

Added 26/5/2016

Jane F

I could not have been happier with my dealings with Matt Seale. His friendly demeanour and pleasant manner made the process an absolute delight. I wouldn't hesitate to... Read on

Added 25/5/2016

Robert C

David [Long] and everyone I worked with on this process were very helpful. They were able to assist, advise and were very professional and made the process very easy.... Read on

Added 19/5/2016

Greg A

I have had the pleasure of working with Carole [Leedham] over a number of finance deals, both with myself and members of my family, she is so passionate about her role and... Read on

Added 18/5/2016

Mark S

I would like to say that dealing with Jess [Desmond] and her team was a great experience. The whole process from start to finish was simple and trouble free. I will happily... Read on

Added 14/4/2016

Meghan A

Our experience with stratton was great and Carole Leedham was so easy to work with and made everything simple for us. We were changing our loan over from one... Read on

Added 11/4/2016

Michael C

I am very happy with the service that Sara Low provided me! She has done an excellent job. I looked around for a while trying to get finance but kept getting knocked back!... Read on

Added 10/4/2016

Maddison O

Julie [Yuen] is actually amazing! I've worked with Julie twice on two different finances and every time she has made the whole process so smooth and easy for me. I would most... Read on

Added 8/4/2016

Nadaav T

I have used stratton for over 10 years now. I always find your staff professional and helpful. I continue to recommend you to those who ask who I use for my... Read on

Added 8/4/2016

Brian J

I was really happy with the very efficient service, Trevor [Wright] was a great help in all aspects of the purchase.... Read on

Added 8/4/2016

Duncan W

I just wanted to thank you [Corey Da Luz] for all your help and patience with getting my loan through and approved and finally settled! I know there's been quite a bit of... Read on

Added 7/4/2016

Alexandra P

It was an absolute pleasure liaising with Patrick [Mancini]. He made the entire process so easy and was always so prompt in responding to my many questions. Patrick made the... Read on

Added 1/4/2016

Lorri L

We found Scott [Knight] extremely helpful and thorough and would have no problem having him arrange finance for us again in the future.... Read on

Added 1/4/2016

Elly E

I was very happy with David [Spriggs]’s service. I actually went through another finance company to compare rates, and I didn’t even get to the stage of comparing rates as... Read on

Added 1/4/2016

Zac T

I was extremely impressed with Chris [Ball]. It was actually exceptional service, and I was quite shocked with it. He would literally call me within 1 minute of sending me an... Read on

Added 1/4/2016

Brett P

Arrel [Aussieker] and his team were fantastic in their support in getting my lease processed and the level of responsiveness and professionalism hasn’t let up just because... Read on

Added 30/3/2016

Scott L

Dealing with stratton has been an easy process and I would recommend to anyone to use stratton.... Read on

Added 29/3/2016

Bernie N

Trevor [Wright] provided excellent service and was well supported by Andrew [Greer] also. Everything was done when they promised it would be done and that is appreciated.... Read on

Added 24/3/2016

John A

Whilst this was a relatively small finance matter I am pleased to say that the service I received from Justin [Geaney] was exemplary. He is a credit to your organization and... Read on

Added 24/3/2016

Corrie C

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight to you the exceptional customer service I have recently received from Rafael Protacio. Working in a sales environment... Read on

Added 24/3/2016

Rob K

All ended up well in the end and I appreciate Ben [Titshall]'s efforts in getting the finance organised.... Read on

Added 24/3/2016

Nicholas S

I would really like to provide feedback on both Matthew [Sleigh] and Bianca [Hookens] from your team. I can not sing the praises of the team highly enough, both Matthew and... Read on

Added 23/3/2016

Thi H

I really appreciated David [Long]'s efficiency and efforts to push through the finance in a very timely manner. His professionalism and experience is second to none. The... Read on

Added 22/3/2016

Hilary B

I had a great experience dealing with the stratton team in particular David Spriggs. He was fast to respond to me and even contacted me outside business... Read on

Added 22/3/2016

Tanya C

Overall Matt [Seale]'s service and assistance was great. He was really prompt to reply to emails and always answered the phone or called me back soon after. He was able to... Read on

Added 21/3/2016

Rod R

This is the second time that I have arranged for vehicle finance through stratton and David Spriggs. This time was even easier than the first and everything... Read on

Added 20/3/2016

Anita C

Dealing with Julie [Yuen] and stratton has been really good. Julie was very clear and quick to organise everything that was needed to get the loan finalised... Read on

Added 19/3/2016

Andrew B

I was very happy with everything Trevor [Wright] and his team did, they did an awesome job.... Read on

Added 19/3/2016

George S

Dealing with stratton has made arranging vehicle financing a really easy and hassle free process. The whole process from application to finalising the... Read on

Added 17/3/2016

Jasmin M

I am so happy with the service I received from Hamish [Robinson], he made it so easy, also a very lovely guy! Would 100% recommend him to my friends and family as I have... Read on

Added 17/3/2016

Simon W

Trevor [Wright] was very helpful and transparent with me for the whole process. The fact he was able to arrange something so quickly and sort out all the little things I... Read on

Added 17/3/2016

Maree C

Very happy with the service. Friendly, courteous and efficient.... Read on

Added 17/3/2016

Ebony E

Very happy. Prompt, professional and courteous.... Read on

Added 16/3/2016

Kyne S

I went to stratton because my two brothers recently financed their vehicles with you. If there was any company that could make my goals a reality, then it... Read on

Added 15/3/2016

John M

I'm very pleased with the efforts of Chris [Hanson] and how he put everything together quickly and made all aspects of dealing with him an easy process.... Read on

Added 13/3/2016

Deni K

I'm happy to say that the experience with Arrel [Aussieker] was sensational. He was professional and always assisted me and got back to me in a meaningful time and manner. He... Read on

Added 12/3/2016

Brian D

I had a terrific experience in once again dealing with Matt [Seale] for the finance and with Aaron [MacGroucutt] for the insurance. Couldn't be happier with the level of... Read on

Added 9/3/2016

Rolf B

Matt [Seale] was very helpful and professional. I will definitely use your service again, most probably in the near future and this time for my company.... Read on

Added 9/3/2016

Terry R

I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to Josh [Seneviratne] and his help over the course of my motorcycle purchase. Whilst I had dramas during the day of the pickup... Read on

Added 7/3/2016

Konstantin S

James [De Ruiter] has been excellent throughout the whole process and the way he dealt with me has always been professional, informative, polite and very helpful. This is my... Read on

Added 4/3/2016

Phillip N

Jess [Desmond] was fantastic, she made it so easy, when in the past going through other finance companies was a major headache. I’ll be recommending Jess to all my friends... Read on

Added 3/3/2016

Mark A

This is my second round as a (now) return stratton customer. Obviously the first time securing a car loan was a great experience. I was sure that the... Read on

Added 3/3/2016

Tony D

Thanks to all the staff at statton and carconnect they made my new ranger purchase a breeze. Great follow up, detailed information, step by step consulting... Read on

Added 3/3/2016

Pamela P

I just want to say a big thankyou to Carole [Leedham] for all her help over the past 2 weeks she has been absolutely amazing! Definitely recommend her to anyone looking for... Read on

Added 2/3/2016

Michael G

I would like to pass on my sincere congratulations and thanks to stratton for the assistance provided in acquiring my new company vehicle which I collected... Read on

Added 2/3/2016

Alistair S

The whole experience with stratton has been straightforward and painless, largely due to Scott [Knight]'s handling of our matters.... Read on

Added 2/3/2016

Simone L

Lauren [Spark] was great! I was very happy with the service and will be sure to recommend stratton.... Read on

Added 28/2/2016

Bruce S

Matthew Fry was absolutely fabulous. He would be one of the best people I have ever dealt with in my life and I cannot praise him enough for his help, attention to detail and... Read on

Added 26/2/2016

Robert P

This was the first time I dealt with stratton and was hesitant at first. Now having used stratton and doing the whole process electronically... Read on

Added 25/2/2016

Nandha K

I would like compliment Julie [Yuen] on the excellent service rendered during the loan application process. Our situation was a unique one and had many challenges to it.... Read on

Added 25/2/2016

Rebecca K

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at stratton who helped me with my new car. Everyone was very helpful, polite and efficient and always returned calls... Read on

Added 24/2/2016

Daniel L

Be sure that if anyone I know needs finance I will be giving them Andrew [Greer]'s details. I could not be happier with the service provided.... Read on

Added 22/2/2016

Ben M

Jess [Desmond] was an absolute legend in getting the finance through for my car. She was doing the deal through my own mortgage broker and due to circumstances beyond our... Read on

Added 19/2/2016

Leonie H

I would just like to say that the service from my initial contact with Hamish [Robinson], followed up with Michael [Papageorgiou] who I am sure went over and above... Read on

Added 19/2/2016

Kate M

Just wanted to let you know our experience dealing with Liam [Nunn] from stratton was extremely positive, Liam went above and beyond to help us out,... Read on

Added 18/2/2016

Baily J

I would just like to thank the team from stratton for the professionalism they showed and the work that was put in by Scott [Knight]! I think and speak very... Read on

Added 18/2/2016

Mark C

Had awesome service from both David McBride and Scott Knight, both were a pleasure to deal with.... Read on

Added 13/2/2016

Nyreda G

I was extremely happy with Michael [Papageorgiou]'s service - he is exceptional at what he does and I will certainly use stratton again in future for my car... Read on

Added 11/2/2016

Kelvin T

My wife and I needed a 7 seater but I didn't want one that looked like the back seats were an afterthought. We were looking at Nissan Patrols because of the room and the... Read on

Added 8/2/2016

Andreas A

Mark did a faultless job of helping me with the finance I sought. You are to be commended to have him on staff.... Read on

Added 5/2/2016

Mark R

I was extremely happy with the assistance I received from Carole [Leedham] whilst I was financing my vehicle, my dealer had a number wrong in his account number so the funds... Read on

Added 5/2/2016

Sharon J

Was very happy with Mark [Purves] and Michael [Papageorgiou] and appreciate the assistance and making this an enjoyable and hassle free experience.... Read on

Added 5/2/2016

Hayley M

Thankyou all so much for your caring, positive and professional attitude throughout the process. It really has renewed my faith in customer service. As I have informed Corey... Read on

Added 5/2/2016

Lisa E

My experience with Trevor and all stratton team is always a good one and I will continue to recommend Stratton Finance to friends and family. There was only... Read on

Added 5/2/2016

Rodger P

I have never ever in my 35 years in getting finance [been] approved so smoothly and quickly without any hiccups in the application/approval procedure before I spoke... Read on

Added 4/2/2016

Kyne S

I went to stratton because my two brothers recently financed their vehicles with you. If there was any company that could make my goals a reality, then it... Read on

Added 4/2/2016

Ray S

I have now purchased about 5 vehicles with stratton from cars to van to trucks and spent a great deal of money and I know some of these are difficult and... Read on

Added 31/1/2016

Shelli N

I have only wonderful things to say about my experience. Trevor Wright handled my change of lease and was incredibly patient and supportive throughout the process. This the... Read on

Added 27/1/2016

Kirwin M

Eric Burnett was very helpfully towards helping me secure a car loan.... Read on

Added 25/1/2016

Philip L

Michael [Papageorgiou] has always given me exceptional service, please ensure he gets a gold star.... Read on

Added 23/1/2016

Drago U

Couldn't have asked for a better service, Matt [Seale] was professional and had it all done very quickly I appreciate your business and will be using you in the future.... Read on

Added 22/1/2016

Denise B

We always find Chris [Hanson] a pleasure to work with when we need to purchase a new vehicle, and will continue to do so.... Read on

Added 22/1/2016

Ann M

Our dealing with Brendan Pearce is wonderful. Prompt, thorough and accommodating and gets the job done. We have used Brendan’s services on a few occasions now and we will go... Read on

Added 22/1/2016

Karna K

I was very happy with the service that Jack Blackler provided. Nothing was too much trouble and he was extremely helpful, courteous and obliging. All paperwork was sent to me... Read on

Added 21/1/2016

Simon A

I was very happy with the service that Hugh Hall provided me and I cannot thank him enough. Any questions or anything I had he replied pretty much immediately and explained... Read on

Added 21/1/2016

Maree C

James De Ruiter was great to deal with, I felt he had my best interests when advising and guiding me through the process. He always returned my calls and was personable and... Read on

Added 20/1/2016

Justin M

Tiahn [Levinge] was very easy to deal with.... Read on

Added 20/1/2016

Matthew O

As per usual, Hamish [Robinson] was excellent to deal with, and so was Damien [Ardzejewski] from carconnect.... Read on

Added 20/1/2016

Geraldine D

We are very happy with the stratton service and specially Ryan's [Hyde Smith] customer service, he kept us informed along the way of the progress which was... Read on

Added 20/1/2016

Tony Z

Dealing with Jack [Blackler] was a pleasure. He always responded promptly to the few issues that arose to complete financing.... Read on

Added 20/1/2016

Matt H

Just wanted to say Trevor [Wright] has been the best consultant we have dealt with. He makes it so easy and a pleasure to deal with him. This is why we have come back time... Read on

Added 20/1/2016

Shibu J

It was a wonderful experience with Mr Thomas [Cheung] and your firm. Thomas has done a great job ever since i contacted him.... Read on

Added 18/1/2016

Bhan P

Adraine Kolbas is the best loan consultant. She is a asset for stratton. I will highly recommend to other clients . Very happy with the way my loan was... Read on

Added 17/1/2016

Matthew L

I was very happy with Paul [Torony] and all his help. I had lots of little issues getting finance because of the amount I was trying to borrow and Paul always gave me good... Read on

Added 15/1/2016

Greg S

You guys were awesome, Mina [Boag] really worked with me even beating the insurance company's price I have been with for 4 years.... Read on

Added 14/1/2016

Gem K

I'm very happy with Chris [Ball] and, Vincent [Moore] who has given me lots of info regarding home finance options. You have a great team with both Chris and Vincent. Thanks... Read on

Added 14/1/2016

Clayton V

I was very happy with Juan [Bran] and his cheerful demeanour. I threw a couple of curve balls at him and he took it in his stride. So thank you for everything.... Read on

Added 14/1/2016

Rebecca L

I was very happy with my consultant James [De Ruiter] he was very helpful and informative.... Read on

Added 14/1/2016

Paul M

I found Chris [Archer] to be helpful and easy to deal with. Overall it was a good experience dealing with stratton and I would recommend them to anyone... Read on

Added 14/1/2016

Sally F

This is the second finance experience I have had with James [De Ruiter], the first was car finance in 2011 and this was a tricky one and James did not disappoint. The latest... Read on

Added 13/1/2016

Rob E

Andrew [Hart] was fantastic to deal with. He understood the balance between selling a finance package and simply letting me go through the journey of understanding and... Read on

Added 12/1/2016

Dee B

I've been extremely happy with my experience of stratton. Carol [Leedham] was so helpful, she gave me good advice and kept me informed of progress and what I... Read on

Added 12/1/2016

Sherief A

I wish to pass on my sincere gratitude to Adriane Kolbas for her extreme professionalism, attention to detail as well as always promptly following up each time she says she... Read on

Added 10/1/2016

Lachlan D

I have been very happy with the service from Michael [Papageorgiou] and the others from stratton.... Read on

Added 7/1/2016

John M

I would like to let you know that I could not be more happy with the way that Matthew [Sleigh] organised the finance for my new car. I found Matthew to be very open and... Read on

Added 7/1/2016

Eileen N

I have to say my experience using stratton again has been outstanding. Chris Hanson and Jessie Lewis looked after me this time and Andrew [Greer] provided me... Read on

Added 6/1/2016

Michael S

I was very happy with stratton and with all the help that Chris Ball provided. The finance application was processed promptly, with Chris being very helpful... Read on

Added 4/1/2016

Brittany V

Adriane [Kolbas] was brilliant helping me with finance, provided plenty of information and could answer all of my questions. Ryan [Thompson] was also great in getting me a... Read on

Added 3/1/2016

John M

It was all very pleasant dealing with Matt [Seale] and James [De Ruiter], will certainly be contacting the team again next time I am needing some finance. I found the guys... Read on

Added 3/1/2016

Richard Q T

Mark Purves was my finance consultant and provided excellent customer service throughout. He is a true professional.... Read on

Added 3/1/2016

Samantha M

Andrew [Greer]’s service was exceptional. This is the second car I have purchased using stratton because of how well Andrew looks after client’s needs. When... Read on

Added 1/1/2016

Marisa L

The service that I received from Chris Ball was exceptional. I will not hesitate to recommend stratton to family and friends.... Read on