Customer Testimonials for June, 2015

All testimonials for June, 2015:

Added 30/6/2015

Joanna L

Tyson [Seddon] was a great help with all things car finance and would highly recommend to family and friends if they... Read on

Added 17/6/2015

Katina D

We recently organised some finance through Theo Georgopoulos. He was incredibly efficient and found the best rate. I would definitely recommend... Read on

Added 15/6/2015

Martin P

My recent experience with stratton was a good one. Trevor [Wright] was recommended by our home loan broker and the service we... Read on

Added 12/6/2015

Stephen L

We have been very happy with the service provided by Nick McMahon over the past 4 years and as recent as the last few months with arranging... Read on

Added 12/6/2015

Tara P

Paul [Lavis] was great. He managed to get me 2 years off my finance by refinancing with BMW. He came to my workplace to have me sign the docs... Read on

Added 9/6/2015

Juan B

My experience with dealing with stratton and Juan [Bran] in particular, was the most positive I have ever had with any finance institution. After all... Read on

Added 6/6/2015

Michael K

Andrew Greer provided a first class service. Friendly, answered questions with ease and turned around the finance very fast which was important to me. I would highly... Read on

Added 5/6/2015

Cassandra M

Dealing with stratton was easy, professional and friendly. My calls and emails were always answered immediately or within a reasonable time frame and my... Read on

Added 5/6/2015

Blake R

My experience with Carole Leedham was nothing but first class, I originally made my enquiry via the stratton website almost 12 months ago, since then... Read on

Added 5/6/2015

Daniel S

You can tell Lauren [Spark] I was very happy with her service and will continue to use her services in the future.... Read on

Added 4/6/2015

Matthew M

Heather [Coulter] and the stratton team were great to deal with. Heather was very thorough and explained the whole process from start to finish which... Read on

Added 4/6/2015

Jonathan W

I'm really appreciative for the service, I am very happy with stratton team. Thanks, I'd recommend stratton to anyone.... Read on

Added 3/6/2015

Debra H

Just wanted to say that Tom Foster was so helpful through what turned out to be a drawn out process due to unforeseen family circumstances. He was very professional and... Read on

Added 3/6/2015

Duncan M

Trevor [Wright] was very impressive. Thank you to him and the team.... Read on

Added 3/6/2015

Colin L

Second time I have used stratton, finance worked through Ben Houghton and could not be happier. Excellent service real 24... Read on

Added 3/6/2015

Anibal A

I got exceptional service from Matt [Seale], and also from James De Ruiter and Anthony McFarlane. Would very much recommend stratton to anyone looking... Read on

Added 3/6/2015

Scott M

I am very happy with the work that stratton has done for me.... Read on

Added 2/6/2015

Neal W

We were really happy with Daniel's [Thompson] service, he... Read on

Added 2/6/2015

Michael K

Dealing with Gareth [Sawers] was a pleasure.... Read on

Added 1/6/2015

Gary P

Please thank Alex [Wah Day] for his help over the last week or two. This seemed to be very easy and I do look forward to... Read on

Added 1/6/2015

Fabiano R

Adam [Bosward] has been fantastic. I appreciate the... Read on

Added 1/6/2015

Julius G

Thank you and the team for the entire finance process. Special thanks to... Read on

Added 6/5/2015

Adam M

Scott [Knight] worked tirelessly to meet my needs which was constantly changing due to my situation. You have a more then capable employee in Scott and... Read on

Added 1/5/2015

Adam D

Scott [Woolford] was great to deal with.... Read on