Customer Testimonials for April, 2015

All testimonials for April, 2015:

Added 30/4/2015

Simone B

It's definitely worth every cent, [Candace Lodding] was extremely helpful throughout this... Read on

Added 30/4/2015

Joshua K

I was extremely happy with the service I received from both Daniel [Thompson] and Liam [Nunn] during... Read on

Added 30/4/2015

Jorge R

Thanks all of you for the good service. I can say I'm glad I did business with the... Read on

Added 30/4/2015

Yunus Y

Thanks for every single one of your efforts. Also I would like to send a big THANK YOU to... Read on

Added 29/4/2015

Rajeev T

I will say that I was very happy with Aaron's [Ireland] help with sorting out finance, insurance and the extended car... Read on

Added 29/4/2015

Mark E

My experience with stratton, and in particular Gareth [ Sawers], was excellent. I found him extremely... Read on

Added 29/4/2015

Steven G

The service provided by David [McBride] and Liam [Nunn] has been exceptional - very professional and engaging. I will certainly... Read on

Added 29/4/2015

Aaron G

Having contact with Brendan [Zadravec] made this process very comfortable and easy. He was well spoken and knew his job very well... Read on

Added 29/4/2015

Steve W

[Candace Lodding was] easy to deal with, knowledgeable, accurate, responsive & friendly. In short - great service... Read on

Added 29/4/2015

Daniel B

I'd like to mention that the service provide by Vinh [Vu] was exceptional, all throughout my dealings he kept me up to date... Read on

Added 29/4/2015

Natalie E

I could not be happier with the service and products from Andrew Williams. His friendly and... Read on

Added 28/4/2015

Tony R

I would like to say a big thank you for the service provided by James [De Ruiter] and stratton. ... Read on

Added 24/4/2015

Warren S

Very happy with the service and can I just say that Sam [McWilliams] is a total professional and I would not hesitate to... Read on

Added 24/4/2015

Mark W

Very happy with your service and Rita Dinkha was outstanding. The dealer finance people were very keen to get the... Read on

Added 24/4/2015

Isil O

I just wanted to say that Theo [Georgeopoulos] has been amazing with my car. He has gone above and beyond to assist me. He... Read on

Added 24/4/2015

Mark P

James [De Ruiter] was referred to me by a friend and I will certainly be in contact again in future when I have a need or be an... Read on

Added 23/4/2015

Scott H

I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service and support in helping me secure finance and the right paperwork to... Read on

Added 23/4/2015

Wendy B

I was certainly very unsure about organising my car loan online but I couldn't have received more help than I got from... Read on

Added 22/4/2015

Dylan S

This is the second car loan I've put through Vinh [Vu] in the last 12 months and have found him to be extremely professional,... Read on

Added 22/4/2015

Nick W

The whole experience has been fantastic from the start. Chris [Ball] got my new car, insurance, and registration sorted out... Read on

Added 22/4/2015

Patrick D

I must say I was impressed with stratton's process and the degree of automation and smartness. I work in... Read on

Added 21/4/2015

Rob C

We appreciate the support we have received from the stratton staff over the past 5 years. We were very impressed with... Read on

Added 21/4/2015

Andrew F

I'd just like to say that Anthony [Mansour] was amazing when doing our finance for a car. Any question we had he was onto it... Read on

Added 21/4/2015

Ashley C

I was really pleased with Sam [McWilliams], he was really helpful and provided me with step by step guidance when it... Read on

Added 20/4/2015

Gary C

Definitely found Patrick [Mancini] really friendly to deal with, and he got me the best deal on that day! I'd be delighted to do business... Read on

Added 20/4/2015

Nicholas G

I have been very impressed by the service provided by stratton and your team, especially my finance consultant, Vinh Vu. I... Read on

Added 20/4/2015

Richard N

Olivia [Slape] and the team were great. She saved me a lot of money and was a pleasure to... Read on

Added 20/4/2015

Neil D

It was a pleasure dealing with Heather [Coulter]. I would definitely recommend her and the company. Thank you and keep up the good work... Read on

Added 20/4/2015

Graham M

Andres [Ibarra] did do the follow up, however Matt Brisbane and Liam [Nunn] did all the grunt work. They were fantastic. Their professional... Read on

Added 20/4/2015

Adam P

The service that was provided to me was excellent and very informative. Sam McWilliams was very helpful and professional. He made my life... Read on

Added 20/4/2015

Christine E

We could not have been happier with the service posted by Hugh [Hall] - he was... Read on

Added 20/4/2015

Damian M

Excellent service that's why I returned as a client. ... Read on

Added 18/4/2015

Ioan P

10 out of 10 to Peter Best. ... Read on

Added 16/4/2015

Frank M

Thank you! Lauren [Spark] was fantastic. Very easy to work with I will be telling friends and family to see her to get the best loans.... Read on

Added 16/4/2015

Ryan G

I'd just like to say I was really happy with Matthew's [Roebuck] attitude and the way he went about the finance. He was patient when I was... Read on

Added 15/4/2015

George C

I was extremely happy with Tyson Seddon. He has been like a breath of fresh air during the whole process. He is a true professional in... Read on

Added 15/4/2015

Andre B

Brendan [Zadravec] was very professional in processing my loan. Thank you very much for helping me out my car is beautiful and I am very happy... Read on

Added 14/4/2015

Emma M

Tony Gentle is efficient, true to his word and our savier. It is our second finance... Read on

Added 14/4/2015

Dada J

Just a brief feedback regrading your service. It has been the most efficient and customer focused experience ever. Lauren [Spark] was... Read on

Added 14/4/2015

Shayne K

I was impressed with the diligence and professionalism of Steve Kerr. ... Read on

Added 14/4/2015

Richard B

My only feedback is that Rita [Dinkha] was very good. So I'm pleased with the way it all went... Read on

Added 14/4/2015

Jeffrey D

I'd like to pass on my thanks to Nicholas [Potter] specifically but also along the way Elliot [Lines] and Jed [Meddings] helped me out.... Read on

Added 14/4/2015

Ashkan M

About my experience with Jeremy [Taylor]. I have to say I am 100% satisfied with his service and information that he had provided to me.... Read on

Added 13/4/2015

Darren J

Thank you Suzanne [D'atri] and Danielle [Koscak] who have once again looked after me in providing finance for my cars. It was great to have... Read on

Added 13/4/2015

Allan D

Once again, our experience with Matthew [Brisbane] and his team was effortless and professional. We can highly... Read on

Added 11/4/2015

Michelle C

I am extremely happy with the service provided by Tina [Zekants]. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend stratton to family and... Read on

Added 10/4/2015

Peta C

Thanks very much to stratton, David [Spriggs] and Danielle [Koscak]. I was very happy with their approach and the standard of service and wouldn't... Read on

Added 10/4/2015

Brandon H

I'd like to commend the services of Trevor [Wright]. Everything was very easy and I was always updated with the progress. I know I would have been a pain for him with all... Read on

Added 10/4/2015

Kim B

We were very impressed with the excellent service we received from the moment we met the dealer until we received our phone call saying the matter had settled. Throughtout... Read on

Added 10/4/2015

Peter D

I am a new client of stratton's, actually fully signed up late last week on Thursday the 2nd of April 2015. I acquired your... Read on

Added 10/4/2015

Dominic G

I was really happy with all the hard work Soroya [Jainudeen] has done for me, it was a great experince working with... Read on

Added 9/4/2015

Bradley D

Sam [McWilliams] was excellent and really went that extra mile to try and get things done as soon as possible for me. Very much appreciated.... Read on

Added 9/4/2015

Stefan H

Jed [Meddings] was great, straight to the point no fuss service which was exactly what I wanted. I will definitley will be referring any friends or family needing... Read on

Added 9/4/2015

Stephen M

On Paul [Lavis], once again he has done a great job. I keep coming back!... Read on

Added 9/4/2015

David N

My first time financing was made easy thanks to Jeremy [Taylor] and the team at stratton. It's quick and super easy so I would most definitely be back... Read on

Added 8/4/2015

Caroline B

I have only positive feedback for all of the finance consultants that I have dealt with over the years that I have... Read on

Added 8/4/2015

Zahid A

It was a very good experience. Andrew [Obadiah] was very helpful and friendly throughout the whole process. I would definitely recommend your services to my network... Read on

Added 8/4/2015

Paul P

Once again, I was very happy with the service Andrew [Greer] provided. He was fast and responsive and made the process simple. I would recommend Andrew and... Read on

Added 8/4/2015

Nicholas K

We have been with stratton for many years and when we upgraded our car recently the car yard tried hard to get us to use their finance but... Read on

Added 7/4/2015

Jason B

Overall the whole process went very well, Andrew [Williams] was responsive and kept me informed along the way. The only hassle was having to come to the office for... Read on

Added 5/4/2015

Doron F

We were really impressed with stratton's service and in particular Sean Waeny who made the whole process very straightforward. Sean is undoubtedly an... Read on

Added 3/4/2015

Edward W

My dealings with Heather Coulter have been excellent. Her professionalism and attention to detail made the process of securing the vehicle finance very simple to execute... Read on

Added 2/4/2015

Alex L

I just wanted to let you know that Ryan [Hyde-Smith] has... Read on

Added 1/4/2015

Luke D

I found Heather [Coulter] and co. to be very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend going through her to arrange a... Read on

Added 1/4/2015

Peggy A

Jason [Donney] was a pleasure to deal with – professional, responsive, transparent and... Read on

Added 1/4/2015

Chibwe C

Caitlin Kinsella was a very helpful towards my financial needs... Read on

Added 24/3/2015

Misheil M

Candace [Lodding] was very helpful. I will do business again with her in the future. ... Read on

Added 23/3/2015

George Z

I want to thank the whole team at stratton they have been exceptional in every way. I want to... Read on

Added 14/3/2015

Jason J

I have arranged finance with James [De Ruiter] on 3 cars now since I first started dealing with him 5 years ago and I continue to go back to him... Read on