Customer Testimonial - Gary W

Customer Testimonial
Fri 21 Aug 2009

My experience with Stratton has always been exceptional, Stephen Johns is on the ball, quick and very very helpful.

I will always be doing business with Stratton.

Thanks for everything.

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Mike D

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Alex A

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Trevor M

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Antonio R

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Ricci J

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Beata G

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Joel C

Start of service great but after service once loan was finalised not so great.... Read on

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Karen J

It was a great experience start to finish. No stress and great service. I am loving my new car and thanks to you all for making it happen.... Read on

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Dave R

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Nick C

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Gavin D

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Carel P

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Tony B

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Brad M

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Boe C

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Darryl C

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Ed B

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Stuart C

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Robert G

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James V

We were very happy with Jim's [Vanderham] service and the timely manner everything was delivered. Sure to recommend you to others.... Read on