Customer Testimonials for 2008


Added 19/12/2008

Lincoln J

Stephen was a great help. Extremely easy to deal with. I will recommend you guys to my friends and family. ... Read on

Added 18/12/2008

Dusan A

I am very happy with service provided by Stratton, especially Sam Korban was very prompt and professional. I have picked up my car last Saturday and everything... Read on

Added 17/12/2008

Kirsty R

I was very happy with James and Stratton. I will certainly come back to your company for my next car loan as it was fuss free and so easy! James talked... Read on

Added 15/12/2008

Marcus C

Matt and indeed initially Ben were extremely helpful throughout the process with timely advice and an understanding of my changing requirements. I was impressed... Read on

Added 15/12/2008

Jeremy N

I will be more than pleased to talk to people I associate with about Stratton Finance and in particular the services offered by Andrew Gibson. My change over... Read on

Added 15/12/2008

Justin F

Thank you was all OK except finance repayment issue with weekly payment guide. ... Read on

Added 11/12/2008

Julie & Darryl Tolmer

We would like to say our experience with Stratton Finance was exceptional. From the first contact with Nick to the end he was outstanding professional and... Read on

Added 10/12/2008

Mark C

I cannot say that I am totally wrapped in the service to date. While the finance was easy to obtain there have been a number of issues that followed some of which are... Read on

Added 10/12/2008

Marc G

Rob Jones was outstanding to work with - patient, straightforward and supportive. Plus the BMW Finance deal was better than the last finance I had through RACV -... Read on

Added 10/12/2008

Bradley P

I am very happy with the service that I receive from both John and your company. Your whole team are very professional. I would have no hesitation in... Read on

Added 9/12/2008

James M

I should say that Lukas was by far the best consultant I had interactions with whilst selecting finance. His enthusiasm and attention to detail made the process... Read on

Added 9/12/2008

Jim J

I have already started to spread the word on Stratton Finance (at every opportunity). My experience dealing with Chris Hanson was extremely good. He... Read on

Added 9/12/2008

Jamie B

I found Stephen very responsive and prepared to follow through at his inconvenience when things didn't go to plan. So that was appreciated at the time. ... Read on

Added 8/12/2008

Tom B

I wish to thank Nick for his help and patience after I had been given the runaround by other finance companies. A real pleasure doing business with Stratton... Read on

Added 4/12/2008

Maria S

Nick Angelkovski was absolutely brilliant to deal with. He was professional, patient and ensured that the process ran smoothly, especially considering we were on... Read on

Added 3/12/2008

Chris O

I am very happy with the service provided by Stratton Finance. All members of your staff were professional and helpful on every occasion that I rang to clarify... Read on

Added 2/12/2008

Matt C

Always a pleasure to do business with Mark and Stratton. ... Read on

Added 26/11/2008

Thant Z

It was so grateful to be associated with Stratton Finance. I was very satisfied with the speed and quality of the service rendered by Stratton Finance regarding... Read on

Added 24/11/2008

Sarah B

Sean was very patient and easy to deal with. He made the process very straightforward. ... Read on

Added 20/11/2008

Tim K

Following my initial electronic information request I was promptly contacted by David Kofoed who provided a most helpful - general response. I subsequently... Read on

Added 19/11/2008

Ian & Heather B

Mr Jones performed very well under difficult circumstances. Trying to arrange these things when we are 1000kms apart was never going to be clear cut and problem... Read on

Added 19/11/2008

Glenn M

Rob was terrific to deal with and kept me well informed along the way. I was most grateful as I was in a bit of a sticky situation time wise and he made it quick... Read on

Added 19/11/2008

Simon K

I was very impressed with Allister's service and will do my best to pass on any business which you guys could potentially service. ... Read on

Added 7/11/2008

David C

I would like to take time to give my compliments and thanks to Stephen Johns and Stratton Finance. In the process of immigrating to Australia I have had to set... Read on

Added 1/11/2008

Marc V

I found Sean to be highly knowledgeable about the car industry and car finance while also being a pleasure to do business with. It's great to have someone... Read on

Added 30/10/2008

Melissa N

Matt was extremely helpful throughout my dealings with your company. His happy and friendly nature in all dealings with me made my experience alot easier than I... Read on

Added 30/10/2008

Les D

I enjoyed my experience dealing with Chris and therefore your organisation. It is a pleasant feeling to do business successfully but be separated by distance.... Read on

Added 30/10/2008

Karina D

I received xcellent service from Sean Dodgson. The service I received was extremely efficient and hassle free. I have/will definitely be recommending Sean to all... Read on

Added 30/10/2008

Robert C

Stephen was brilliant. It wasn't an easy deal either, as I was overseas for most of it and he handled things very professionally. He just got the... Read on

Added 29/10/2008

Stewart G

Your service was fantastic. Matt was tremendous he looked after everything and had great contact information with myself. I would recomend your... Read on

Added 29/10/2008

Justin R

As in the past, Michael has been great to deal with. Stephen handled most of my paperwork and although there was a slight hiccup on remittance, it was all sorted... Read on

Added 29/10/2008


I was really happy with your service. Ben Seale was patient, clear and very helpful. He made the process easy. ... Read on

Added 28/10/2008

Andrea M

Overall I was very satisfied with the service and Sean was great, doing all the legwork and understanding my requirements. I would recommend Stratton to others... Read on

Added 28/10/2008

Mandy R

I have only positive feedback about how I was treated by Matt Seale. The whole process from the time I sent an email for a quote till I had everything sorted was... Read on

Added 27/10/2008

Warwick K

The deal I got through Stratton Finance was definitely the best one I could find. Nick did a great job in communicating the requirements and the deal he could do... Read on

Added 25/10/2008

Engin T

I would like to thank you and your team especially Chris Hanson for his professional and curtious help. I found myself in a time of need and with very little... Read on

Added 23/10/2008

Maclay L

I would like to make special mention of the wonderful service I have received from your staff, in particular Stephen Johns. Throughout the entire process he has... Read on

Added 22/10/2008

Gerald B

Allister was great and everything went perfectly to plan with no fuss and all so easy. His follow up was very good and the up selling on insurance which was done... Read on

Added 22/10/2008

Jack L

John is fantastic. Always makes a huge effort for me. Nothing is ever a problem. A pleasure to deal with. ... Read on

Added 22/10/2008

Greg C

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment Stratton Finance on their quick response and actions re my motor vehicle finance. Rob Jones should be... Read on

Added 21/10/2008

Petrus D

As before, the service from Stratton was top class. ... Read on

Added 21/10/2008

Glen M

Eric did a great job helping me out with everything and always keeping in touch with me, I couldn't of asked for any more.   As I said so far so good... Read on

Added 21/10/2008

Catherine D

Michael did a great job, thanks. ... Read on

Added 21/10/2008

Nic K

Steve was an absolute pleasure to deal with. He was helpful, straight forward and extremely knowledgeable. During the process I referred him to a... Read on

Added 21/10/2008

Kelly W

Rob Jones was absolutely fantastic. He couldn't have been more helpful. I really appreciated his help and all the trouble he went to. He got all of our... Read on

Added 21/10/2008

Lynden F

Your company was very helpful in assisting me in a recent lease arrangement. Rob Jones was exceptional in his service. In fact I have many dealings with finance... Read on

Added 20/10/2008

Sean S

I always have a good experience with dealing with Frazer (and Noel in the past). There are as usual some small delays or issues like the documentation being... Read on

Added 20/10/2008

Richard F

I have been very impressed with Nick's assistance in obtaining this loan for my daughter Stephanie. As always Nick was very helpful, especially when I'm... Read on

Added 20/10/2008

Jason S

I was very happy with Michael. He was very easy to deal with and helpfully throughout the process. I have no problems recommending Stratton in the... Read on

Added 20/10/2008

Jeremy T

Michael was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with my finance. Easy to deal with and has made the financing process extremely easy. ... Read on

Added 20/10/2008

Paula G & Benjamin P

Very pleased with the service of Stratton Finance. It has been a very fast and easy service and I would recommend you to other friends or family who are looking... Read on

Added 16/10/2008

Tanya B

I can not compliment enough the service provided by Lukas Appleby. He offered me a range of finance options - even going to the trouble of finding more... Read on

Added 15/10/2008

Kim H

I personally found Allister very helpful, responsive and patient.  Our finance was organised very quickly and efficiently.  We wouldn’t hesitate to... Read on

Added 14/10/2008

Matthew C

Was happy with the service provided to seal the deal. At the moment it seems now the deal is done the punctual service that was provided to seal the deal is not... Read on

Added 14/10/2008

Ian P

Chris was excellent - easy to deal with and very helpful - and I would recommend you to anyone as a result. ... Read on

Added 14/10/2008

Jarrod Q

First rate service from Gerry... enough said. Fantastic initiative to follow me up after requesting a quote online. To be honest I'd never heard of Stratton... Read on

Added 14/10/2008

Leigh R

Bloody great service and Sam was on the ball and always professional. ... Read on

Added 14/10/2008

Chris M

It was a pleasure doing business with the guys (again) - they were all great. ... Read on

Added 14/10/2008

Peter M

We are continuing to enjoy the car for which you have arranged finance at a much better rate than I was offered by then original financier Capital. Westpac had a... Read on

Added 9/10/2008

Lakshman J

Peter did a wonderful job and thank-you. ... Read on

Added 9/10/2008

Shaun M

The service from Sean was great, I will be back. I would also advise friends. ... Read on

Added 8/10/2008

Robyn D

I was very pleased with the service I received from John - made the process a whole lot easier. I was referred to Stratton finance by a friend and if I know of... Read on

Added 7/10/2008

Paul H

I must say the service I received from Straton was fantastic. Your price was beyond any competitors and could not be matched. Owen was always on the end of the... Read on

Added 7/10/2008

Mika R

Steve was honestly one of the most helpful and professional people I have ever dealt with. I never felt that I was "disturbing his day" with my many... Read on

Added 7/10/2008

Camilla & Nathan B

Thank you very much for your friendly service. We are extreemly happy with the car and extreemly happy with all of your staff. We appreciate the time you took to... Read on

Added 7/10/2008

Dimitris Y

When I was starting to look for a lease / personal loan I stumbled across your website. I filled in all the required details so that someone was to contact me... Read on

Added 5/10/2008

Eliza W

I would like to praise Frazer for the service he delivers, he was just a pleasure to deal with the whole time. Due to my experience I will veryably be... Read on

Added 3/10/2008

Tristan W

When I was looking to finance my new vehicle I found Stratton Finance provided a prompt and professional service. Stephen Johns assited me with all my questions,... Read on

Added 2/10/2008

Craig W

I have been very impressed with the professionalism and level of attention Michael has provided prior to and through-out the process of establishing my finance... Read on

Added 2/10/2008

Ruba A

The service provided by Stratton has been great. I was very happy with Chris. He was courteous and very prompt. Thank you again. ... Read on

Added 1/10/2008

Charles M

All very good. I am very pleased with how it all went. ... Read on

Added 30/9/2008

Carmen R

Thanks for providing motor vehicle finance to me. John Edwards was fantastic - making my application for finance absolutely hassle free. My husband and... Read on

Added 30/9/2008

Julian T

I was pretty "price" driven with my search for finance, although from the beginning was very impressed with the honesty, transparency and how helpful Mark was in... Read on

Added 29/9/2008

Johan P

Very happy with the service so far. Frank and Stepehen were great. I have recommended you guys to my friends, mainly due to the fact that the terms... Read on

Added 29/9/2008

Kevin B

Thanks for making everything easy for a change - I have had such a nightmare with other brokers, I had just about given up. Me and my wife have done many things... Read on

Added 29/9/2008

Thomas M

Steve was great to deal with. Give him a raise. ... Read on

Added 29/9/2008

Kevin K

John was helpful, knowledgeable, professional, plus gave good advice and was prompt to reply to my communications, and was not a "high pressure salesman" like... Read on

Added 25/9/2008

John H

I was looking for car finance recently and my own bank was not at all competitive with your rates and charges. I actually stumbled across your finance website a... Read on

Added 25/9/2008

Steven R

I have to say that Stratton Finance was pretty good. I can't believe how good Peter was. From the start with dealing with the application to the finalizing... Read on

Added 25/9/2008

Darryl C

Thanks guys great service. Thanks Gerry definately will use stratton again ... Read on

Added 25/9/2008

Collie J

Very happy with the service I received. John, what can I say polite, understanding, good advice, will deal with you again The Hummer, my two kids,... Read on

Added 23/9/2008

Martina G

May I just let you know what a great pleasure it was to deal with Chris Hanson. Taking out a loan like this is a new experience for me, and Chris was so patient,... Read on

Added 23/9/2008

Gregory G

The service was great and my wife loves her new car. My banker was upset that I didn't give him more time but I was already pre-approved for the loan with... Read on

Added 23/9/2008

Cherie D

I wanted to take the time to thank the team at Stratton Finance, in particular to Sean Dodgson, my Finance Consultant, and to Karen, my Insurance Consultant... Read on

Added 23/9/2008

Alison Y

Thank-you very much, loving the car! ... Read on

Added 22/9/2008

Jamin S

Michael and Stephen were fantastic to deal with, especially considering my last two car purchases have involved some interesting circumstances. ... Read on

Added 22/9/2008

Michael S

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Allister Smith and the team that supports him, dealing with Stratton Finance would have to be one the best experiences that... Read on

Added 22/9/2008

Keith W

We are very appreciative of the help/advice that Frazer was able to offer us. He helped make the buying experience hassle free and achieved my desired goal... saving me time... Read on

Added 22/9/2008

Jayson D

It has been nothing short of a breeze dealing with Gerry. He has kept me up to date with the progress of my application right from day one and followed up with... Read on

Added 21/9/2008

Kylie-Maree R

Chris provided me with all the answers to the questions I asked him in order for me to go through with Stratton Finance for my choice in financier. Chris wanted... Read on

Added 20/9/2008

George I

Using Stratton has been a very pain free experience. Thanks again for your help. ... Read on

Added 19/9/2008

Hongwei L

Chris Hanson was great. Would definitely recommend him to friends and use him again. ... Read on

Added 18/9/2008

Matthew T

I was happy with the service, everything went smoothly and I was grateful that Nick was happy to do the running around and chasing up that is quite often left up to the... Read on

Added 16/9/2008

Raza A

I'd like to let you know that I'm more than happy with the service so far. Frazer has been extremely helpful and professional. His knowledge about the... Read on

Added 15/9/2008

Nik D

I was extremely happy with the financial help John Edwards provided. I was very surprised at how helpful and friendly he was, other finance companies I... Read on

Added 14/9/2008

John P

It was with some trepidation that I went with essentially doing the whole thing over the internet but the time factor (for me) seemed to make it worth a try... Read on

Added 14/9/2008

Tracy & Daniel B

We have a very strong relationship with Mark Purves - he is a great asset to your business. He has work us through three vehicle financing deals and we were so... Read on

Added 14/9/2008

Andrew H

I'd like you to pass on my thanks to Gerry for all his help & assistance. Nothing was too much trouble, and everything was completed with a minimum of fuss... Read on

Added 13/9/2008

Malcolm M

My experience with Sean and Stratton Finance was excellent. Sean was helpful at every step of the way. The personal, accountable service delivered by your... Read on

Added 12/9/2008

Chia O

Thank-you so much for your help. Fast service, great help, fantasctic deal, excellent communication and the best cusotmer service! Thank you so much...... Read on

Added 10/9/2008

Ana P

This is the first time dealt with Stratton Finance and it was a good experience. Sam was very helpful and efficient I was impressed with the fact that every time... Read on

Added 10/9/2008

Wayne S

I would like to say that it was a great experience dealing with both Michael and Gerry. Both of these guy's made me feel that my business was important to them... Read on

Added 9/9/2008

Danielle P

I want to thank Eric Collins for his fantastic service, he was fast to reply, very positive and very easy to deal with. I would be more than happy to refer... Read on

Added 9/9/2008

Katrina P

Michael, I congratulate you on the excellent customer service you have provided me. I have no hesitation in recommending your firm and especially, you personally... Read on

Added 9/9/2008

Joe L

The service was great, not a single complaint. ... Read on

Added 9/9/2008

Natacha S

All I can say is what a smooth and professional service Stratton are providing its consumers. What an honour it would be to be part of such an organisation... Read on

Added 8/9/2008

Triston N

Thank you for all your help and support regarding about my car finance, especially Rob Jones who assisted me throughout the process of getting finance done. It... Read on

Added 8/9/2008

Karen L

Steve was very helpful in suggesting ways of dealing with a few limitations of availability in getting documentation organised for my car finance. He put in a... Read on

Added 8/9/2008

Eugene V

As always, Frazer was great - I have now financed 3 cars through Frazer and the great service and competitive rate is the reason I have kept coming back. I have... Read on

Added 8/9/2008

Norman S

I am new to leasing and I discovered the Stratton Finance website purely by chance as I was searching and finding out information on novated leases. I had initially... Read on

Added 8/9/2008

Glenn C

I arranged my loan with Chris Hare. 90% of it was done via email. My circumstances were difficult and Chris was very helpful and pasient with me and I appreciate... Read on

Added 8/9/2008

Geoff H

I was very impressed with the level of service provided by Chris. Everything went through smoothly and in a very professional manner. I would have no... Read on

Added 7/9/2008

Matt T

Allister Smith has been great. ... Read on

Added 6/9/2008

Rod S

This is about the third time that Owen has done finance for me and he is just great. He has been so efficient and nothing is too much trouble. I tell... Read on

Added 5/9/2008

Allan & Karen A

Peter Hall is a very efficient and pleasant person to deal with, and is breath of fresh air in the finance industry after dealing with so many idiots in the past, it is a... Read on

Added 4/9/2008

Geoff W

My experience with Stratton was one of excellence, Noel I found efficient and to his word, the latter being the most important to me. I would have no hesitation... Read on

Added 3/9/2008

Antony E

Very happy with John Webb as always. Very prompt and no frills - just do the numbers and cut the cheque without unreasonable BS. ... Read on

Added 2/9/2008

Adrian C

I just wanted to say that Sean made the entire experience pleasant, easy and straight forward. The car is a cracker, but pales compared to the 5-star experience... Read on

Added 1/9/2008

Graham F

I am extremely happy with the service that Sean provided. He was friendly and responsive and provided me with the information that I needed. I am also pleased... Read on

Added 28/8/2008

Adam W

I was impressed with Chris Hanson and his service, it's not everyday you get good service so I was very happy! I would recommend anyone to use your services... Read on

Added 28/8/2008

Mark B

I am extremely happy with the service that Sean provided. He was friendly and responsive and provided me with the information that I needed. I am also pleased... Read on

Added 27/8/2008

Chris E

Sean Dodgson was a pleasure to deal with, a consummate professional. This is the second time I have had dealings with your company and needless to say, there... Read on

Added 27/8/2008

Noel S

I was very impressed with Owen as a consultant as he handled my application like a consummate professional. I had excellent feedback from my vendor also as he... Read on

Added 27/8/2008

Paul B

Stephen was extremely professional, responsive and always on the ball, a credit to your organization. Thanks for your service. ... Read on

Added 26/8/2008

Steven Y

The service provided by Stratton was excellent. Chris was extremely helpful, accomodating and patient. He understood the customer's requirement and... Read on

Added 21/8/2008

Damien G

Allister's service was fantastic - as was Steve's when Allister was off for a couple of days - the communication between the two was seamless. This is... Read on

Added 21/8/2008

Emma R

The service from your team was fantastic, couldn't have asked for better customer service. It took us a while before we could settle the deal, but I knew I... Read on

Added 20/8/2008

Andrew D

Very happy with the service I received from Noel. I made a private purchase, which I am sure is more of a headache for you, but Noel contacted the vendor... Read on

Added 20/8/2008

Andrew S

I would like to express my complete satisfaction in dealing with Stratton Finance and particularly Gerry Giannakis throughout the vehicle purchase. Gerry... Read on

Added 20/8/2008

Nathan S

I would like to congratulate you and your team on an excellent service. I would recommend everyone on using Stratton Finance as it was simple and the service... Read on

Added 19/8/2008

Tim D

John made the job of financing my car very easy and I was most impressed with the service he provided. ... Read on

Added 18/8/2008

Chris M

This is the second vehicle that I have financed through Michael and this is of course due to the fact that Michael is a very personable and helpful guy and Stratton rates... Read on

Added 17/8/2008

Tim G

No problems what so ever with the service and it is appreciated that Stratton Finance can offer fledgling businesses a chance! Gabriel was an excellent resource... Read on

Added 14/8/2008

John V

Second time our company has re-financed and one again everything went smoothly. Credit to you and all concerned ... Read on

Added 14/8/2008

Anthony B

I have to say that based on previous finance company experience, working with Stratton has been a breath of fresh air. I dealt with both Michael Johnston and... Read on

Added 13/8/2008

Belinda C

I have been conducting business with your company for several years now and have recommended both friends and family to you, including my husband earlier this year... Read on

Added 13/8/2008

Craig B

I have been meaning to thank Michael for the fantastic work he did for me in finding me the right loan for me to purchase my new car, he went above and beyond the call of... Read on

Added 12/8/2008

Chris B

I was very impressed with Stephen and will look to use your business and Stephen specifically in the future. ... Read on

Added 12/8/2008

Lionel F

Noel Wright was a very professional and friendly consultant. ... Read on

Added 12/8/2008

Melanie B

We were very pleased with the service we received from Stratton - in particular Stephen Johns & Allister Smith. In fact it was the excellent customer service... Read on

Added 11/8/2008

David G

Our experience with Frazer was pretty good actually. He was attentive to our needs and his advice was practical and appropriate, and above all easy to follow... Read on

Added 11/8/2008

Sumit V

I would like to say that I am very happy with the service I have got and want to thank Michael as well. Word of mouth is the biggest reference and I'll keep... Read on

Added 11/8/2008

Matthew S

Owen was most helpful, and provided quick and highly professional service despite a particularly trying time with the computer system being down at the time... Read on

Added 10/8/2008

Gary M

My experience started with my online quote, going back about 12 months ago. Frazer replied promply, but I backed off not sure about the car I was looking at... Read on

Added 8/8/2008

Rex S

I recently approached your organization via the internet for motor vehicle finance. Within virtually a couple of hours the loan was approved and the documentation faxed to... Read on

Added 7/8/2008

Drazen K

Sean Dodgson was an absolute pleasure to deal with, helpful, responsive and willing to do over and above what was needed. He offered to personally inspect and... Read on

Added 7/8/2008

Tony D

Joseph was a fantastic help. He understood my position and was very accommodating with all the questions and help I needed. I was thoroughly impressed... Read on

Added 6/8/2008

Mark B

Today I have you guys finalise finance on my new HSV GTS, during this process I have been dealing with Gabriel and he has provided sensational service. In... Read on

Added 6/8/2008

Robert B

Nick did a great job. Finance wise, I'm quite impressed. The insurance side was a bit slow, I had to get Nick to actually arrange for an insurance quote... Read on

Added 6/8/2008

Jodia N

I'd specially like to thank Gerry, and the entire Stratton team for that matter, for their assistance over the last week. The experience couldn't have... Read on

Added 6/8/2008

Cameron J

All very efficient and well handled. ... Read on

Added 5/8/2008

Greg B

Michael and his team where very helpful and efficient in sorting my car finance, and I would certainly recommend Stratton Finance in the future. ... Read on

Added 5/8/2008

Tim O

All went well between Mark & Frank who were both very helpful during the process. You have developed what appears to be a very happy (fun) and positive work... Read on

Added 5/8/2008

Jennifer V

Thanks to Rob for his great service. He was very efficient, and kept me informed during the whole process. He explained a few things to me regarding vehicle... Read on

Added 5/8/2008

Darren H

John was very efficient and helpful. I thank him for his prompt attention and couldn't believe how quick and easy the whole process was. ... Read on

Added 4/8/2008

Mike N

The VZ ute is one year old and going well. I must thank you Peter, and Stratton Finance, for your confidence in me to approve this loan. I bought a... Read on

Added 4/8/2008

David & Suzie R

The experience dealing with your team has been excellent, particularly compared to the service / response we were getting from our existing finance company... Read on

Added 4/8/2008

David S

This is the second time Michael has managed a transaction for me, and I've been very happy. He was particularly patient with my payout (the buyer was very... Read on

Added 4/8/2008

Mark O

Just wanted to say Stephen did a very good job and I was totally satisfied with his handling of the account. As a result I will be looking to put more business... Read on

Added 3/8/2008

Steven & Lorraine C

We are very happy with the way we were treated in our dealings with Stratton and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. This is the second time we have... Read on

Added 3/8/2008

Kim & Steve G

If it wasn't for Mark's Call we would have gone with Bendigo bank. Both his and Frazer's professionalism was fantastic. ... Read on

Added 31/7/2008

Victor D

I just want to express my many thanks to Frazer Wright and Stratton who helped me find my new car. I was given Stratton's details through a friend who shared... Read on

Added 31/7/2008

David M

Thank-you to Rob for his very swift and efficient service. ... Read on

Added 30/7/2008

Mark M

Frazer was great with the way he organised everthing. He was always on the balll and stayed in contact all the time. It was a pleasure dealing with him... Read on

Added 30/7/2008

Marin B

Thank-you for all your help and patience, your quick assistance has been so grateful. I still haven't heard back from the CBA and put in an application on... Read on

Added 29/7/2008

Sam M

Sam Korban was excellent - he came back to me lightning fast after my initial web enquiry and was able to turn around approved finance within hours of me sending through... Read on

Added 28/7/2008

Blaire S

I was very happy with the service I received from Gabriel at Stratton Fianance. I was getting the run around with another finance company, which still had not... Read on

Added 23/7/2008

Peter W

I will certainly recommend Michael and Stratton Finance to any friends or family looking for great service, and more importantly, a great deal on the finance itself... Read on

Added 23/7/2008

Rodney C

Chris is very nice and a good operator, besides being a Kiwi which is usually a deal stopper for me ;-). Can you immeditately give him a pay rise - deal... Read on

Added 23/7/2008

Ben M

I must say that I was very pleased with the level of support and advice I received from Karen. As you may appreciate, this is not as common as it should be.... Read on

Added 23/7/2008

Sonny & Naomi P

Thank-you for all your hard work and time organising our car finance. We greatly appreciate it. Thanks again. ... Read on

Added 22/7/2008

Tamara B

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Sean and Stratton Finance in general for being a fantastic broker to deal with. I found that... Read on

Added 22/7/2008

Paul S

The level of service from you and your team was excellent. I would be happy to recommend you to friends and family. ... Read on

Added 22/7/2008

Melissa J

I have been happy with this service so far but I would also like to say it is only early days. I have now had this finance for five months and have not had any... Read on

Added 19/7/2008

Clint H

I was very satisfied with Michael's willingness to help me re-finance my car in what was a somewhat difficult situation. I liked his attitude and honesty. He... Read on

Added 19/7/2008

David M

The service and professionalism I received from Sean Dodgson was second to none! I was very pleased with his approach and his knowledge regarding the various... Read on

Added 18/7/2008

John M

We were very satisfied with the service your company provided. Eric was especially helpful and will certainly think of you next we require some finance for... Read on

Added 18/7/2008

Simon B

I was very happy with the way John organised the finance for me to meet my needs and would have no problem recommending him and your company. ... Read on

Added 17/7/2008

Glen M

Nick did a fantastic job. He was both professional and diligent especially given the short time frame I had given him to work with. I would recommend... Read on

Added 16/7/2008

Peter B

I was happy with the service Nick provided - the turnaround was quick and Nick got me the deal I wanted at the terms I wanted. He was always contactable and kept... Read on

Added 16/7/2008

Wayne H

John as always was excellent. The outstanding quality of your business and your staff is the efficiency and promptness they display when processing a loan... Read on

Added 16/7/2008

Michael F

I am more than happy with the service I was provided with from Sean. Sean was very informative and smooth with his process, made the whole sign up an enjoyable... Read on

Added 16/7/2008

Craig M

Previous to this business transaction, I had not dealt with Stratton Finance. Saw a web link for Stratton and decided to check it out. Initial contact was to get... Read on

Added 10/7/2008

Darrin S

Karen was very helpful, replied to e-mails and calls instantly, and was a pleasure to deal with. I know John at our office will be getting a vehicle in the next... Read on

Added 10/7/2008

Braden W

Michael walked me through the process from the first conversation, he was very informative and made the decision to use Stratton Finance an easy one. I could not have gone... Read on

Added 9/7/2008

Stephen S

Working with Sean was a delight, very helpful, the whole experience with you guys was very painless I would not hesitate in using Stratton again. ... Read on

Added 9/7/2008

Nadaav T

I'd just like to say that I thought the whole process was really easy and efficient. And it really was a pretty quick and painless process. The Novated Lease... Read on

Added 8/7/2008

Patricia C

Very pleased with the service I received from Nick. I have never financed through anyone other than a bank previously so I was a little bit nervous but Nick was... Read on

Added 8/7/2008

Ian L

Just to let you know that I was highly impressed with the service Frazer Wright provided getting the finance together for me under a tight deadline. I wouldn'... Read on

Added 7/7/2008

Giles H

Fraser was excellent. Originally I just wanted to get a quote to ensure that the dealership providing the car were offering me competitive finance. However, I... Read on

Added 5/7/2008

Matt C

I wanted to let you know about the efforts of Nick Angelkovski . He kept in contact with me during the process without hassling me at all and had answers for me... Read on

Added 3/7/2008

Rob K

I'm thoroughly enjoying the new car. Rob Jones was fantastic to deal with, very efficient, thorough and extremely helpful. He definitely made the process a... Read on

Added 2/7/2008

Rob K

I have once again been pleased with Stratton, Eric has come across as someone actually making an effort for the "business" - good stuff. Eric has has... Read on

Added 30/6/2008

Mary N

I've been dealing with Stratton Finance for 7 years and Michael provided the same level of excellent service I've come to expect. All my queries were... Read on

Added 25/6/2008

David Q

I was totally satisfied with the service provided by Frazer. He not only put together a very competitive package, his prompt communications and professionalism... Read on

Added 24/6/2008

Paula M

We have had the pleasure of sending several clients of ours to do car finance through Stratton, in particular with associates Michael and Gerry. They have given... Read on

Added 24/6/2008

Julie H

I was very happy with the service I received from Chris. I first spoke with Chris over 12 months ago and although I decided not to purchase a vehicle at that... Read on

Added 24/6/2008

Rudi S

This was first time I used Stratton Finance services and was very impressed. Eric was meticulous, always with follow up call after each step. I am very... Read on

Added 23/6/2008

Martin Y

I'm very satisfied with the service provided to me by the members of Stratton Finance and I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is after finance... Read on

Added 23/6/2008

Lucy T

I am thoroughly enjoying my new car and very pleased I made the decision to go wtih Stratton Finance. I would like to provide you with some positive feedback on... Read on

Added 19/6/2008

Steven W

I did shop around for finance and even spoke to the Business Manager at the dealership. Even though all corespondence with Rob was via e-mail and phone I found... Read on

Added 17/6/2008

Erica H

I cannot speak highly enough of the service I received from Steve. Not only did he help me and made it feel like a great experience, which is not normally the... Read on

Added 17/6/2008

Annie V

More than happy with the service from any of your team and especially with Gabriel. This was an unusual request and downsizing my car in the beginning was not so... Read on

Added 17/6/2008

Tamara K

I was really impressed and quite honestly very greatful to Stephen for going the extra mile to facilitate my vehcile purchase. Buying a car interstate through a... Read on

Added 17/6/2008

Glenn H

I was drawn to Stratton Finance for the professional presentation of services and products on your website. Being able to quickly work out what upfront costs and... Read on

Added 17/6/2008

Denise D

Rob Jones was extremely helpful, and answered all my questions in a way that I could easily understand. Stratton Finance was not the cheapest quote I received,... Read on

Added 16/6/2008

Annette & Rocco D

I would like to bring to you attention the FABULOUS service and assistance that Gabriel provided to us. I asked a million questions and he was always prompt and... Read on

Added 11/6/2008

Stacey M

I was very happy with the service provided and I have recommended Frazer to a colleague. ... Read on

Added 10/6/2008

Daniel V

This is my first experience using a finance broker to seek out an appropriate product to finance my new car.  I spoke with Frazer at some length and... Read on

Added 3/6/2008

Scott M

I have never had the experience I had with you guys. Gabriel was a delight and made things extremely easy for me to obtain finance, which enabled me to purchase the work... Read on

Added 2/6/2008

Grant N

Super professional! Thank-you for your professional and personable advice and assistance throughout the finance process, and for making it as easy as... Read on

Added 28/5/2008

Tim A

Gabriel did an excellent job. I was impressed with the "no-nonsense" approach. ... Read on

Added 28/5/2008

David F

This transaction was my fourth with Stratton Finance and as per my previous three experiences the service was exemplerary. Michael Johnston is an absolute... Read on

Added 27/5/2008

Mitchell J

The service I recieved from your finance consultant Rob Jones was above what I have seen anywhere I have searched for the past 12 months. Finding you guys on... Read on

Added 27/5/2008

Phillip E

I was extremely impressed and pleased with the service I received from both Mark and Stephen. This being the first loan I have ever taken out and the biggest... Read on

Added 27/5/2008

Sean S

I have had finance now on more than one occasion and as always dealing with both Noel and Frazer Wright was a pleasure and they definitely make the process simple... Read on

Added 27/5/2008

Andrew B

I would like to take this opportunity to give Eric a great deal of praise with regards to his professional manner - and the way in which he dealt with our trying... Read on

Added 26/5/2008

Hasan T

I was very happy with the service from Nick, he was extremely helpful and very fast. We operate a graphic design and advertising agency, I'd be happy to... Read on

Added 26/5/2008

Kate G

I thought it important that I write to you directly to compliment a member of your team, Rob Jones. Rob has provided exceptional service since our initial... Read on

Added 22/5/2008

Natasha M

I couldn't say thanks enough to Stephen, from the start he was so efficent and very professional. I have dealt with other finance companies and I... Read on

Added 21/5/2008

Peter D

Allister was good to deal with. The only disappointment was a lack of response on an insurance quote. I actually followed up with you guys twice when I... Read on

Added 20/5/2008

Glen W

I am very satisfied with John's service, and the conditions of the loan.   And yes, the car is fantastic.... Read on

Added 20/5/2008

Dee D

Both Gabriel and Jennifer were of great help. I found the service from Gabriel spot on! He offered his opinion when asked for and had the patience to answer... Read on

Added 20/5/2008

Jane C

I would like to say that as per my previous experience with Stratton Finance, and in particular, with Chris Hanson, my car purchase was handled extremely well... Read on

Added 20/5/2008

Niall M

Thanks to the help from Michael regarding the finance and trading in of my old car the whole deal went through very smoothly. I basically went with your... Read on

Added 19/5/2008

Daniel C

I just wanted to thank Noel for his terrific work in helping me out through some problem solving times when trying to conclude the deal. He has been very... Read on

Added 15/5/2008

Rick J

Sean Dodgson did a great job - professional, polite, reliable! I won't have any hesitation in recommending your business. ... Read on

Added 15/5/2008

Ben L

I recently organised a novated lease through Gabriel. He provided me with great service and I will gladly use Stratton again for my next lease. ... Read on

Added 14/5/2008

Leandro G

I was most happy with the service I received from Mark Purves and all the others who become involved in my dealings with your organisation. Mark would have... Read on

Added 13/5/2008

Tim O

I have been quite impressed with Nick and Stratton Finance. It was all so easy to get done in a short space of time. Nick helped me to understand what the... Read on

Added 13/5/2008

Trevor G

I have been very happy with John Webb's service in both following up enquiries and getting documentation through to me and car dealers. I have made a few... Read on

Added 13/5/2008

Lee G

I was extremely happy with Eric's service and professionalism. He was always very helpful. I found your process to be very simple and easy with no... Read on

Added 13/5/2008

Dino D

I just wanted pass on my positive feedback on the service I have received from Gerry Giannakis.   I contacted Stratton online and had a response from... Read on

Added 12/5/2008

Andrew B

Michael has been a source of excellent advice - not just on the car finance side of my car purchase but also with advice on buying a car in general, as well as the best... Read on

Added 12/5/2008

James A

I was very happy with Gabriel who was extremely efficient and prompt to all requests throughout the finance process, and I would certainly recommend Gabriel to... Read on

Added 9/5/2008

Alex H

Just wanted to thank Gerry and Michael for their help and great customer service in getting our loan organised. ... Read on

Added 7/5/2008

Trent D

As usual, Michael provided a great service in arranging my new lease with minimal turn-around and no fuss. You will certainly hear from me again when I... Read on

Added 6/5/2008

Allison M

I would just like to let you know that Gerry and Michael P. were the most efficient and informative finance guys I have ever had to deal with. They not only... Read on

Added 6/5/2008

Glen B

Thanks very much for the opportunity and the service that Nick offered. This is my fourth loan with Stratton and Nick has been fantastic to deal with. ... Read on

Added 6/5/2008

Martin D

I work as a BDM for the Australian Loan Company. My day-to-day role involves dealing with mortgage brokers and helping them develop/grow their business... Read on

Added 30/4/2008

Angelo Z

Nothing but excellent feedback from me. Sean's orchestration of setting up my finance was excellent. I have no hesitation referring my family... Read on

Added 30/4/2008

Steve T

I'm a long term customer of Stratton and with consultants like Noel and Karen it's easy to see why. Noel has always provided me with good service... Read on

Added 30/4/2008

Michelle C

I'm pleased with the transaction, Mark and Steve were excellent and appreciate their professionalism which was hassle free and spot on! ... Read on

Added 30/4/2008

Louisa F

My new motor is just the best - loving it!!! I have and will continue to let everyone I know know about Stratton. I would really like to commend... Read on

Added 29/4/2008

Iain B

I was very impressed, particularly that the original quote didn't change as with the other financiers I spoke to. It started low and stayed there,... Read on

Added 28/4/2008

Chris & Dianne O

We received excellent service from Sean Dodgson and would be pleased to recommend Sean and Stratton Finance to any of our friends or family. He provided a... Read on

Added 28/4/2008

Dhruva R

Chris has always been of great help and I will continue to utilise him where I can and pass on his details to prospective clients. Thanks again. ... Read on

Added 28/4/2008

Michael C

My wife and I were both impressed with the dealings we had with Sean. I had the direct dealings with Sean, but my wife was often working next to me when I... Read on

Added 25/4/2008

Peter M

Great service, can thoroughly recommend you guys and particularly Owen. ... Read on

Added 23/4/2008

Sonia H

Gerry's service was great. I would highly recommend your company to anyone as the process was simple and approval was instant! This was all... Read on

Added 23/4/2008

Rebecca S

Joseph has just been the greatest help. He is an asset to the company. ... Read on

Added 22/4/2008

David C

I've recently had the pleasure of dealing with one of your finance consultants, Gerry Giannakis. Gerry displayed the utmost professionalism throughout... Read on

Added 22/4/2008

Rohit G

Dealing with Michael was a great experience. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the services provided by both Michael and Stratton Finance.... Read on

Added 18/4/2008

Suzannah N

What a fantastic experience I had financing my car through Rob Jones. Rob demonstrated exceptional customer service - he was diligent, flexible, thorough,... Read on

Added 16/4/2008

Hamish D

Gerry has done a fantastic job organising finance for two vehicles, a fork-lift and a CNC router. I am busy so do not hae time to fuss with lengthy meetings... Read on

Added 15/4/2008

Michael H

We would like to thank-you so very much for all your hard work to assist us.It does give me faith to think that helpfulness of mankind does exist in our busy dreary... Read on

Added 14/4/2008

Michael P

The service has been terrific and look forward to doing more business through Stratton Finance.... Read on

Added 14/4/2008

Adam B

Just letting you know I was very pleased with Gerry's service and I would be happy to deal with him in the future.Thanks very much.... Read on

Added 14/4/2008

Joshua B

Mark did a great job. He responded to my initial internet questions after I found your website.Following our initial contact which was initiated by Mark, I had not... Read on

Added 9/4/2008

Michael W

I would like to share with you why I chose Stratton as my finance provider. Customer service is an often overlooked art in our culture. Individuals who uphold... Read on

Added 8/4/2008

Amanda M

Our dealings with Sean from the initial telephone call was professional, efficient, reliable and friendly. This was our first time we were to purchase a new car... Read on

Added 3/4/2008

Nik D

I picked the car up yesterday and I would just like to thank-you for making the whole situation so pleasurable and easy.I was very impressed by how down to earth... Read on

Added 3/4/2008

Mustafa B

Just wanted to say I am totally happy with your service Frazer.I thoroughly appreciate both the time and effort you have given.The product was excellent, the... Read on

Added 2/4/2008

Anton S

I am satisfied with the service provided by Stratton. In some areas my expectations were exceeded.Feeling of the work being done at the background was great -... Read on

Added 31/3/2008

Labrini P

Stephen was most helpful in ensuring everything was sorted out in such a short time frame.... Read on

Added 27/3/2008

Rod & Rhonda W

I just wish to thank your company and especialy Stephen in the way things were handled in such a professional way.I found Stephen very easy to talk to and if things... Read on

Added 26/3/2008

Peter W

I have been dealing with Chris for quite a number of years now. He is easy to talk to and as a bonus, from what I know, he has looked after me with some pretty good... Read on

Added 25/3/2008

Craig M

This is the second finance I have arranged through Stratton Finance, and have had nothing but great assistance from Noel, and the most recent, Karen.I was in a bit... Read on

Added 25/3/2008

Eugene V

Let me say dealing with Frazer was a pleasure - in fact he was one reason why I came back to Stratton after financing my first car last year. Being a private... Read on

Added 19/3/2008

Evan P

Thank-you for the excellent service I received from you and your team.Sean Dodgson went above and beyond the call of duty and his dedication to customer... Read on

Added 19/3/2008

Rick F

It was a pleasure doing business with Nick.At times I must have been a bit of a pain in the bum. I was in the middle of moving states, jobs and houses all at the... Read on

Added 18/3/2008

Tegan E

Karen was a dream to liaise with. I'm sure any other company would love to steal her for their own (maybe a pay raise is in order  haha).I am... Read on

Added 18/3/2008

Andrew P

Frazer handled my transaction very professionally and I would not hesitate to recommend him personally based on my experience.... Read on

Added 17/3/2008

Rosaria U

I would like to tell you how happy I am that I found Nick "online". His patience, advice and prompt work in sorting the finance for my car loan was... Read on

Added 17/3/2008

Michael W

Karen has been great, she has answered all my questions and come back to me with quotes in rapid time.Having worked in the finance sector as a Business Manager in... Read on

Added 13/3/2008

Steven & Lorraine C

We were very pleased with the service we received, in particular the service and advice we received from Karen Anderson.We found Karen to be very friendly and easy... Read on

Added 11/3/2008

Ashleigh C

I just wanted to say that I was so impressed with everything Chris did for me while I was trying to receive my car.I had so many problems with the car yard and... Read on

Added 11/3/2008

Alia G

I certainly would recommend you to anyone seeking finance. I have given your details to a number of friends, and will continue to do so.... Read on

Added 10/3/2008

Kelly G

Alister has been very helpful... and much quicker than any bank I enquired through!Stratton's rates have also been very competitive.... Read on

Added 4/3/2008

John P

I was indeed very happy with Michael Papageorgiou.He was polite, prompt and pleasant. I asked him for explanations on several points which he answered fully and... Read on

Added 27/2/2008

Edward D

I have been a loyal customer of Stratton for the last 3 years.Michael Johnston is great to deal with and I have always been happy to recommend him to friends /... Read on

Added 26/2/2008

Graham R

I am more than happy with the service provided by Gerry, especially taking his personal time to ensure that the documents had been faxed to the dealer. I... Read on

Added 20/2/2008

Kylie M

I would like to thank Brad for the friendly & fast work that he did for me! When I asked questions about percentage rates with the finance company at the... Read on

Added 20/2/2008

Peter F

I have nothing but glowing feedback of the service you provided me.My motorcycle finance was arranged through Stephen Ritchie who was both personable and... Read on

Added 20/2/2008

Sandeep B

I am very happy with your service and Chris is excellent.... Read on

Added 20/2/2008

Kay L

We were delighted with the way Mark handled the car changeover, he was very professional and extremely helpful.... Read on

Added 18/2/2008

Michael B

I have nothing but great words to say about your entire team.Gerry in particular was very friendly and helpful and I have already passed on your details to a friend... Read on

Added 16/2/2008

Pamela Y

The service from Chris Hanson was very good. He did everything possible to ensure my finances were in place by the time I collected my new car. I am sure... Read on

Added 16/2/2008

Chris M

We're very happy with our new car and the excellent service from your company & staff especially Nick.Thanks again.... Read on

Added 13/2/2008

Patrick D

I have recently applied for finance through Stratton Finance. I have been dealing primarily with Sean Dodgson.I would like to commend Sean for all of his efforts... Read on

Added 13/2/2008

John W

Just to let you know that I decided to go with [another finance company] only because they were keen for me to take possession of the vehicle I chose and in the end... Read on

Added 12/2/2008

Connie A

I have been very happy with the service I received from Stratton and in particular, Frazer.Out of the four finance consultants I have spoken with from other... Read on

Added 12/2/2008

Alex T

What can I say? You offer a great product, Stratton is very prompt. The only reason I'm not going through Stratton Finance is I'll be... Read on

Added 11/2/2008

Vince N

I have been very happy with the service and speed with the application and approval to obtain this car. As we had the old car written off just before Xmas, we were... Read on

Added 11/2/2008

Brad S

The service has been fantastic, Sean was great, very prompt and friendly service.  We are now happily driving our new Honda Accord.I am recommending Stratton... Read on

Added 8/2/2008

Louise M

I found John to be extremely professional, courteous and helpful. Give him a payrise!... Read on

Added 8/2/2008

Rick J

Stratton Finance has recently helped me organise some funding for my new work vehicle which was delivered last week.Mr Sean Dodgson was the staff member I dealt... Read on

Added 6/2/2008

Ben L

I am very happy with the service provided by the Stratton Finance team.Michael Papageorgiou was very helpful.I would not hesitate to use your company in the... Read on

Added 6/2/2008

Ash C

I was and continue to be satisfied by the service provided to me by Stratton Finance and Mark Purves.  Mark is extremely flexible, and worked with me... Read on

Added 6/2/2008

Philip B

With regards to the services that I received from Allister Smith I could not fault, he was most helpful, even when he was challenged by myself.I have no hesitation... Read on

Added 4/2/2008

Magnus O

This is the third finance deal I have done with Stratton Finance. Always been dealing with Michael Johnston. I have been in the prestige Automotive... Read on

Added 4/2/2008

Travis J

The customer service and final product throughout the process was first-rate. No stress and prompt easy-going communication was presented all the way.... Read on

Added 30/1/2008

Stuart B

Nick's service has been very prompt and helpful. The quote received is competitive.... Read on

Added 25/1/2008

Angelo C

Thanks for your assistance over the two cars, you have been fantastic and your company really does provide a great service. ... Read on

Added 25/1/2008

Wayne H

I would like to take the opportunity to thank-you for your company’s promptness and professionalism recently on my acquisition of a new vehicle.The entire... Read on

Added 23/1/2008

Josh C

The service it was excellent.Let me tell you Steve was a great help and was always one step ahead. He also took his time to talk about things other than... Read on

Added 22/1/2008

Gary M

I have been happy with the service delivered by Stratton and Stephen in particular.The Jetta vehicle is great and its looks like I will average about 1000 kms per... Read on

Added 21/1/2008

Justin F

I'd like to extend my thanks again to John Webb. The entire process from applying for the finance to picking up the car was fast and hassle free.I would... Read on

Added 18/1/2008

Angelo C

To date the service has been first class and nothing has been too hard to do. Very impressive!... Read on

Added 18/1/2008

Kym H

I could not be happier with the service provided by Startton Finance, in particular Michael Johnston who has excelled in his customer service in my experience. Michael in... Read on

Added 16/1/2008

Melissa G

The service was great from Chris! This is the second time he has helped me with finance. He is efficient and professional.... Read on

Added 13/1/2008

Mick R

Just a quick email to say that I was very impressed with the professional approach of Sean Dodgson; his fearless advice and attention to detail demonstrated clearly that... Read on

Added 8/1/2008

Michael L

My initial inquiry was handled promptly and accurately by Nick. I had existing finance and he explained what options I had to exit and refinance for my current vehicle... Read on

Added 7/1/2008

Georgia M

My experience with Stratton and Michael throughout the car purchase was excellent. Michael made the whole process so simple and stress free. Which was wonderful in... Read on

Added 7/1/2008

Simon D

I had a very good experience dealing with Rob Jones. My application was slightly out of the ordinary and he was very responsive to my requirements and delivered on... Read on